Who currently in Zereth Mortis is on the road, will open next to boxes and clap rares , especially the world quests. Because these are not only done quickly, but also give properly call for the new faction of the enlightened , where some great rewards wait for you. However, not all world quests of patch 9.2 are so easy and easy to comprehensible. Therefore, we give you to some of you, selected tasks here and there a few tips, such as the summon of Hirukon, for Mezzonic Protoschlöser and more. This also includes the world quest once again please .

To Serve Spriggan World Quest Ardenweald Shadowlands WOW

To do the world squest, you have to secure the level of realization and then kill the opponent of faulty constructor. But just this mob often causes confusion. Kill the opponents, the automas breaks and clears the trash away – so much for the first part of the world quest. Source: clap rares

Wipe once again

The first part is explained quickly. You simply kills all the automa that stand around in the area to get the bar to 100 percent. Alternatively, you can also remove the outskant automa by clicking on. Every now and then you also caught explosive core. With this, the machine standing on the edge can be hunted into the air, which also donates some percentages. After that (or even during the meantime) you have to defeat the automatic faulty constructor. But this is not there where most guess him.

  • The faulty constructor is on top of the mountain and not in the cave!

The latter suspect many players, as the quest takes place directly in front of the cave entrance and the mark is located in the middle of the mountain. If you look at the cave entrance, but you have to go up the slope on the right side. At the top of the end of the slope, ingested constructor is waiting for you. Defeat him and the world quest is successfully completed . The faulty constructor can be found above on the hill – not in the cave. Source: clap rares

If you are also one of those who looked at first in the cave and then wondered where the opponent is around, do not worry. You are not the only ones. Anyone staying in the cave for a few minutes, who sees countless heroes come and go. All in search of the faulty constructor.

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