Seriously hard. Allow me to tell you that it is very easy to be wrong, that’s why any author who sees John Boyne’s mistake whistles with sympathy.

A big part of all good novel – or, at least, a realistic novel – is the search. The latest book by John Boyne, a traveler at the gates of wisdom, is a historical novel, and as such, when a character needs dyeing, he can not just go to the corner shop to buy – He must create his.

However, while looking for precise dye recipes, it seems that Boyne has committed the mistake to simply search on Google “How to do red dye” without taking into account the source and therefore, rather than real ingredients such as carmin The bays or amaranth, the listed ingredients include hyphens mushrooms, Keese wings and the tail of a red lizard.

Zelda Easter Eggs Part 2 - Easter Egg Hunting

While some of the ingredients are semi-realistic, or at least are real things in our world like pepper or thistle, you have to wonder how an ingredient like an octorok eye did not raise any eyebrows.

At his credit, John Boyne acknowledged his mistake and accepted it with a good mood, and it is likely that the accident will strengthen his profile and work as a free advertising – even people who have never heard of the Author Previously can check it just to see. The Zelda reference, as accidental be. The error will probably be corrected in later editions of the novel, however, do not be surprised if you take a copy on the line and see a precise dye recipe.

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