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FIFA President Infantino introduces itself to re-election

Gianni Infantino is aiming for a third term as FIFA President and introduces himself to re-election. The 52-year-old announced at the Congress of the World Council of the Football World Association in the Catal World Cup location Doha.

“Because today we are all united here and they are the member associations of FIFA, I would like to tell them first.” Infantino was re-elected in 2019 and at least did not officially confirm his ambitions for the coming year. A FIFA President may pay a maximum of three terminals.

Infantino was elected successor to Joseph Blatter in February 2016. Previously, he was Secretary-General of the European Football Union.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino urges Vladimir Putin to engage in meaningful peace talks
The FIFA Council had decided on the day before the official schedule for the presidential kür 2023. The electoral period began on Thursday, the deadline for the reporting of presidential candidates by the FIFA member associations was set at four months before the Congress.

The deadline for the notification of the names of the proposed and approved candidates to the FIFA member associations is a month before the congress. Place and date of the Congress Next year are not fixed.

Van Nistelrooy is schmidt

“At that moment I worked for years,” Van Nistelrooy is quoted on the PSV website. “I’m proud and confident that I am willing to take a leadership role on my club.” And sport director John de Jong adds: “We have great confidence in the way we will hit this summer with Ruud as head coach.” Trust also shows itself in the three-year contract, which will be signed by the 45-year-old.

From 1998 to 2001, Van Nistelrooy himself played three years for the PSV Eindhoven before he left his home country. The Dutch changed in 2001 into the Premier League to Manchester United and started a world-class career. After the Red Devils, the striker Real Madrid closed. He made two championships in Spain his championship title and Cup victory in England.

Even in the Bundesliga, the attacker with built-in Torinsinkt gave his business card. In 36 league games for the HSV he met twelve times. His career finally completed the 45-year-old in 2012 in Malaga. He then started his coaching car in 2014 as the assistant trainer of the Netherlands. In 2019, he moved him to PSV, where he was responsible for the offspring and first supervised the U 19 and then the second team.

Rutten becomes co-coach

Now Van Nistelrooy is the chance to look after a first team. Co-coach is becoming the former Schalke coach Fred Rutten, which is currently still board member of the newcomer NEC Nijmegen. Thus, the succession of Roger Schmidt clarified, which announced his farewell from Eindhoven in February. The 55-year-old is facing a signature at Benfica.

Cyanide and Happiness: Video Review FreakPocalypse

Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse Review

Filled with gross and offensive humor, cyanide & happiness sparked worship. With web comics, board games and much more, the franchise now makes the jump in the world of video games, but can it avoid the pitfalls that have engulfed many of those who have already tried this transition?

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse is an adventure point-click in the strange and wonderful world of franchise. As a coop “Go Away, Weirdo McCarthy, you will meet a strange distribution of characters that will make you smile up to the ears. Complete with a ton of references, a strange side quest dam, all packaged in their emblematic artistic style, is it the perfect interpretation of the video game of the franchise? Check out our video review below to find out.

Cyanide & Happiness: FreakPocalypse is available on Nintendo Switch and PC. If you want to know more about this game, you can read our complete review here. What do you think of our video review? Are you a fan of this crazy franchise? Are you looking forward to discovering the absurd monksters that are in this title? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and do not forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more content of quality video games.

“Like” in the wall clock that combines the history and time of “Dorakue”. 19.50,000. “Family time” which the number of numbers watching

As one of the national RPGs representing Japan, “Dragon Quest” (hereinafter referred to as Dorakue) series continues to be loved for many years. A number of masterpieces have been created in a three-year-long history of the same name released in May 1986.

This popular series is a single piece of number of numbers alone, but a unique wall clock that can grasp the history of such “Dorakue” with a glance was published in Twitter and collected great attention.

The center of the published image is a simple analog wall clock with only a longitle, short -leweight, second hand. However, unique things are placed instead of the dial, and it is a guide that indicates time.

It was chosen as a substitute for the dial, the successive “Dorakue” works, which are each placed on the pedestal on the circumference. The first “Dragon Quest” and 2 o’clock “Dragon Quest II Dance of Dragon Quest II Dance of Dragon Quest II Dance” in the 1 o’clock direction, and the numbering works are arranged in the form of a dial. For example, if a short needle points to the “Dragon Quest VI Phantom Earth”, you can see “6 o’clock or” at a glance.

It is “Pa” (@dqaka_pupupusun) that has attracted interests that collected interest, but that his son produced the wall clock. When the image containing this wall clock was released on Twitter, more than 195,000 “Like”, many people, such as, so many people are I sent a praise.

It will be repeated, but the “Dorakue” numbered title of the released is the 11th at this stage. Therefore, there is still a number of numbers that fill in the direction of 12 o’clock, and now there is a blank of the number of numbers.

It was popular and became popular and was popular “Dragon Quest Heroes Dark Dragon and World Tree Castle” and “Dragon Quest Heroes II Twins King and Prophecy End”. It seems that “12” is expressed by arranging the first and second work of the “Heroes” series.

This two works are also great games, but this latest work will be colored again with the latest work, with the “Dragon Quest XII” Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fate of Late Destiny “under intensive development.

We asked “Pa” of the Lord who showed this image on TwitTE this time, and I visited some of the stories about the wall clock and “Dorakue”. Please see one end of the figure that loves the favorite name series with your family.

教 Please let me know if there is an evaluation when submitting “Dorakue Watch” as an issue.

“Pa”: I closed the design and production process and submitted with a photo, but it seems that the reaction was thin. But when I bring my friend to my house, everyone stands in front of the clock and looking at the pokan to look up at the huge monitor (laughs). The response of adults was more than the child than children. Everyone is taking a picture and returned (laughs).

──息子さんたちも、時計に並んでいるドラクエ作品をプレイされているのでしょうか。 If so, how are you entertained?

“Pa”: I’m playing. But because the NES main unit has become useless with a typhoon for a few years, “I” to “IV” have become an interior that can not play. It is a three brothers, but it is a lively adventure that it is neither nervous.

── What works are Dorakue for your family?

“Pa”: Dragon Quest for us to learn a lot, and is part of the life that further deepened the family’s bond. “I” ~ “V” is a thing that is acquired from my father, so I want to transfer all to my son someday.

ACTIVISION subsidiary Beenox, known in the “Call of Duty” series established new studio in Montreal

Beenox, which is known in Activision subsidiaries, “ Call of Duty ” series development, etc. announced to open a new studio in Montreal in Canada.

Beenox is open in 2000 and Canadian Quebec City. In 2005, he became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision, and has been involved in the development of the company’s “Spider-Man” and “Call of Duty” series. Currently, we are focusing on content creation of “Call of Duty War Zone” and development for mobile porting.

According to the release, the new studio establishment is currently expanding a team with more than 400 staff to expand 20% or more. Already, there are more than 50 new employees in the Montreal metropolitan area, and we are looking for staff such as mobile departments and programmer art designer segments.

How the Microsoft & Activision Deal Affects Call of Duty and Sony - IGN Now
Also, a new studio is in progress development projects in the Call of Duty series and comments. In the series, it is reported by overseas media when the new work, which was scheduled to be released in 2023 is postponed, but it is unknown whether the new studio supports this work.

Goose Action STG “Mighty Goose” to Free DLC Delivery on April 19th. Grind the enemy with a rainy rain while surfing

Our Active Gaming Media Indie Game Publishing Brand PLAYISM announced on March 30, Deliverable DLC of “ Mighty Goose ” on April 19th. It seems that the water stage is added to the subject after clearing the main story.

“Mighty Goose” is a cancer action shooter game that runs wild with legendary goose. In the world of this work, Void King, which followed the unusual and mecha, and he has reigned as a ruler of the universe. The main character’s goose is a legendary prize earning Mighty Goose. In this work, the battle between Goose and enemy corps is drawn.

Mighty Goose visits the stages of the space and fights with soldiers and mechanics under Void King. Inevitably, many enemies are waiting in the stage, but Mighty Goose is a legendary prize earning, so the number is not a problem. Specifically, it overwhelms the number with individual power, such as defeating before the enemy attacks with a shotgun or rocket launcher or avoiding an attack with a long rolling of invincible time. Powerful weapons and tank mail order services are also available, and the legendary prize earning goose is a good quality violence and destroyed the enemy corps.

As a weapon, in addition to the basic arm canon, a firewrox such as disposable shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher appears. Although each stage has a long configuration, a checkpoint can be resumed during the stage. A high tempo action is developed that runs wild fireworks with one hand.

Free DLC adds a water stage. It is the planet of water to be the stage. The screenshot shows the goose to shoot with the enemy while surfing, and a goose boarded by a submarine. From the seaside to the sea, it seems that a new battle in the location related to water is waiting. Free DLC is scheduled to be distributed at 16:00 on April 19th. Also, in line with the announcement, sales have been performed in the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 edition. Sale period is from March 30 to April 27 today. During the period, this work can be played at 990 yen of 50% off.

The work of this work is the Dutch Studio BlastMode and Denmark Studio MP2 Games. According to press release, this work is affected by a game such as “metal slug” and “Soul Dawa”. Compared to such a work group, it may be characterized by the difficulty level such as the recovery in this work, and it is also characterized that it is easy to play. In addition, in the STEAM version of this work, the status “very popular” has been acquired by 84% of the 419 user reviews at the time of writing this paper.

“Mighty Goose” free DLC is scheduled to be distributed at 16:00 on April 19th. In addition, the main story is delivered for Normal price 1980 yen for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / XBOX Series X | S / Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). On the PlayStation Store, 50% off sale has been performed until April 27th.

Weird West: All trophies and successes in the Wild West

In this Trophy Guide to Weird West you will learn:

  • How many Trophies Weird West offers
  • What you have to do to get the achievements
  • How to get the platinum trophy

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There are so many trophies in Weird West

On the PS4 and PS5 you can earn a total of 54 trophies in Weird West **:

  • 44x bronze
  • 7x silver
  • 2x gold
  • 1x platinum

On Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X you expect 53 successes, which provide you with a total of 1,000 points at the GamersCore .

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Weird West: All bronze trophies

If you want to secure all the bronze trophies in Weird West, you have to complete, among other things, ten secondary orders ** and the order of a spirit and find all the temples of the ancient.

NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
Merciless Grave your stuff and scare you out. Bronze 10
Off to the low tide Defeat Shelby Cross in the Copper Mountain Quarry. Bronze 15
Blasted chains Get your husband from the quarry without shelby Cross being alerted. Bronze 15
The spit overturned Turning Ruth into a pig. Bronze 15
With their eyes Take a hero of an earlier journey in your gang. Bronze 15
Freudenaumel Kill Maximo and free the delights of the Lanternenstube. Bronze 15
Dirt and guilt Become a Wiindigo. Bronze 15
Old wounds healed Bring Maryann the gun from Glenn Mills. Bronze 15
Star on the ground Get the star of the dead sheriff from the ruins of the Boulder Creek mine. Bronze 15
The power behind the pulpit Lies Sybil’s book. Bronze 10
Rudelfest Save the disappeared werewolf. Bronze 15
Moon drunk Kill in wolf shape 3 opponents in less than 5 seconds. Bronze 20
Mysterious machine Save the 2 innocent in strangeness. Bronze 15
Eternity can wait Spased Essex mast at the end of the travel of the dreamer. Bronze 10
Crossed streams Complete an order of a host. Bronze 10
Off the way Close 10 secondary orders. Bronze 15
The stone of the wise Help Essex mast in his search. Bronze 15
No Zeilerei Defeat Schweinemsch Joe in a game of poker. Bronze 15
It smashes in the box Give the box of Heidin unopened back. Bronze 15
Armed winds Make a tornado to an elemental tornado. Bronze 15
Moonjäger Make a bounty hunter to a waswolf. Bronze 15
Disappointed Make someone unconscious by jumping from above to him. Bronze 15
NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
Deadly showers Make one of your arrows to an elementary arrow. Bronze 15
Dead or alive Deliver a carton searched criminal. Bronze 15
Winter is here Collect all 3 of Schweinemsch Joes souvenir-snowballs “Tour du Weird West”. Bronze 15
Reverper Fang drunk a fight against a bear… and profits. Bronze 15
Gold Graves Grain 10 Earth Club Hide. Bronze 10
Monster Hunter Get the bounty on a pork template or voracious. Bronze 15
Ma Barker Stuff in a single passage were worth $ 10,000. Bronze 15
Do not go over Spend time in prison. Bronze 10
Explorer Find all temples of the ancient. Bronze 15
Welcome to the Whimsical West Kill your first monster opponent. Bronze 15
Railcar free! Occurs a flying vulture. Bronze 10
Here comes the Santa Claus Break through the fireplace into a building. Bronze 10
Lord inut greetings Brate a living chicken. Bronze 10
Volatile booty Get a bounty by delivering Leila, Shelby Cross or Galen Weeks. Bronze 15
Chain reaction Enter 2 or more opponents with a chain flash. Bronze 15
Let’s go Recruit your first companion. Bronze 10
Full cover Recruit a full band. Bronze 15
That’s Sparta Someone occurs from a roof or cliff. Bronze 15
Scholarter Read 50 books. Bronze 15
Extraportion Use a golden PIK Ass for the first time to purchase an extra. Bronze 10
Self-improvement Use a NIMP relic for the first time to acquire a talent. Bronze 10
Ghost town Make a settlement to a ghost town. Bronze 20

Weird West: All silver trophies

Only if you complete all Five Travel completely, you get the silver trophies in the game.

NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
Victory of Justice Complete the journey of the bounty hunter. Silver 30
That was, people Complete the journey of pork template. Silver 30
For balance Complete the journey of the protector. Silver 30
Dogs Complete the journey of the Werwolfs. Silver 30
The evil comes on soft soles Complete the journey of the dreamer. Silver 30
The whole gang Lead the heroes of all travels in the Broken Steppe Temple alive together. Silver 30
The baking whistle of your life Defeat the Heidin at her Hau-Me game. Silver 30

Weird West: Gold and Platinum Trophies

At the end of your adventure in the Wild West awaits you on the PS4 and PS5 the Platinum Trophy “Legend of the Whimsical West” .

NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
There is hope Save the world. Gold 90
Everything dies Finish the world. Gold 90
Legend of the Whimsical West Consult all other trophies. Platinum

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Weird West Trailer & Gameplay | PS5 PS4

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Streets of Rage 4 Spring gloves for mobile output

The surprise announcement of the day is not so much that of the new PlayStation subscription offer – long-standing – but rather the arrival of some Streets of Rage 4 on Mobiles iOS and Android on May 24th. An exit ensured by the Playdigious publisher at the price of 7.99 euros.

How To Unlock Secret Character Roo & Moveset Showcase | Streets of Rage 4 - Mr.X Nightmare DLC

We only stop DOTEMU who, next to several large projects such as Ninja Turtles Mutant Teenage: Shredder’s Revenge or Metal Slug Tactics, returns to his first loves with a new exit on mobile: excellent Streets Of Rage 4 Co-developed with Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games.

This adaptation to mobile devices will be provided by PLAYDIGIOUS who promises a reworked interface, new trophies, a sharing of progress data via cloud for iOS devices, compatibility with MFI controllers (Made for iPhone) and, most importantly, no microph1. -transaction. This nomad version will be marketed on Android and iOS stores from May 24th.

Video Shredder Revenge

Streets of Rage 4 – Trailer (mobile)

Where to Destroy Destroy Barrels Slurp, Trucks Slurp or Silos Slurp in Fortnite

It is time to take up new challenges Fortnite. EPIC gave us something to do in the last weeks of season 1, and we can even get a new loot. The Ripppley vs. The Sludge mission is now live in the game, and one of the challenges is to destroy the barrels Slurp, the Trucks Slurp or Silos Slurp.

To finish this challenge, head to Slurpy Swamp. The Slurp plant is filled with Slurp barrels, Trucks Slurp or Silos Slurp. To destroy them, you can use your harvest tool, and if you have the chance to find an explosive weapon, they will quickly do what you need to destroy.

You can find two massive silos outside the factor, several trucks and barrels scattered everywhere. The main thing to do is how busy busy is, because everyone is trying to finish its challenges. Get ready to beat, many. Everyone is there to destroy these objects, so be sure to kill everyone you see before you can get some of the objects you need.

Destroy SLURP Barrels,SLURP Trucks,or SLURP Silos fortnite challenge

The good news is that you do not need to destroy the ten elements you need in a tour, so if you die before having them all, or if the area is already cleaned, you can always come back. Although you can find Slurp barrels in other regions, it is by far the fastest place to finish this challenge.

Baseball game season imminent … Netmarble vs Com2us

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The game of the professional baseball season is imminent, and the game stories are becoming a busy to celebrate fans. This year, Netmarble and Com2us are expected to form a new composition and form a competitive composition.

According to the game industry on the 23rd, the 2022 KBO League is held from April 2 to September 23, and the baseball games are in front of the opening of the season.

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo Wook) will launch a 30-day on mobile game ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022’. Dictionary downloads are available on the 29th day before the lunar day.

Netmarble Pro Baseball, developed by Netmarble and Park, is a baseball mobile game that implements various situations in the actual baseball game as high quality 3D graphics. You can enjoy real players and game records based on KBO licenses.

The company was a key feature of Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022, which is the highest level of graphics quality among mobile baseball games and its own athlete, and the owner of the ‘My Athlete’, which can be federated, at any time. It also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology, making the face of the players close to the actual reality.

PD of Hwang Seung Sun Development PD is “to use motion capture equipment as well as the face of the players, implementing a player’s unique helmet and striking foam and the actual appearance of each stadium.” I said.

Netmarble is expected to show ‘Club Content’ that confronts a group with a player card battle “Challenge Mode” and various users in the future.

Miami Marlins vs. Boston Red Sox MLB 05/28/2021 Full Game
Com2us starts the service of the new ‘Com2s Pro Baseball V22 (complaint V22)’ on April 5, which is immediately after the league opening. In addition, it is a marketing for marketing, including a promotional image of the KBO’s signature star player.

The Comfort V22 was a real baseball game of 20 years of development of Com2us, a 3d head scan for a total of 379 players, a total of 379 players, and a graphical motion capture of two years. It is a company side explanation that a variety of mentors of Jung Woo Young Casters and Lee Soon Chul, who participated in the relay, are combined with thousands of branches, depending on the situation, and it is a company side explanation that it will be a natural relay.

In addition, there is a feature of the scavenging system that plays the game in a desired way to play the game in the way – Viro view switching function, a challenge system that succeeds the existing compilation IP, and live content, which is reflected in the actual program’s grades and records, is also a feature of V22.

NCsoft also predicted ‘professional baseball H3’ in line with the opening of the professional baseball season. The company will introduce ‘KBO Prediction System’ in professional baseball H3. It is a content that predicts the victory team, the romue, and the romue of the actual professional baseball game. In addition, we also provide special coupons in the ’22 season ’22 season with various benefits.

The game industry official said, “A new baseball game and a large update are being held ahead of the opening of the professional baseball season,” said the new baseball game and large updates are being held.

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