Brutal, fun and vertiginous, Shadow Warrior 3 is called to be one of the best FPS of the year.

That a video game obtains the unanimous applause of criticism and public does not have to bring the creation of a trend in the environment in question. We all know, for example, that the success of Dark Souls Formula brought us a wave – not to say, directly, a tsunami – of interpretations, extensions and several replica attempts that were received unevenly. However, there are other very transcendent titles whose mechanics, modes and ways have not covered with the same depth among developers, either because gender is not at its best or because said playable core has very complex peculiarities of equalize. This is the case of Eternal Doom: a brutal title, Gore and descended on the surface, but which hides an accurate design and measured to the millimeter under its outer layer of hooligan. All this led him to leave a mark on his own and strangers of the FPS but, following the thread of this introduction, he did not find successor on the horizon… until Shadow Warrior 3 appeared.


Basic information

  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Editor: Return digital

Обзор Shadow Warrior 3
* Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
* Proven version: PC
* Availability: 01/03/2022

This third installment of the saga of Shadow Warrior is developed by Flying Wild Hog, a Polish independent study, nothing alien to the Revival of the so-called Boomer-Shooters. Not in vain, yours is the invoice of the previous deliveries dated 2013 and 2016, respectively. Well, in Shadow Warrior 3 we will continue incarnating our beloved ninja, mercenary, nerd of the superheroes and piece of lo-wang pieces, character that I find truly hilarious. Although the protagonist is the same and the plot continues that of the previous titles, Flying Wild Hog has endeavored to make a delivery as self-contained as possible. Those who have not played the previous deliveries will be able to catch up with the summary of the plot that the Lo-Wang does, in underpants and with Moñacos, as soon as the curtain rise. On the other hand, and as is logical, those who take the saga a day, will enjoy the references, characters and fuss of one of the most unlikely heroes that a videogame has never starred. In any case, the objective will be clear: the world is on the verge of collapse by the appearance of a millennial dragon of worlds and ours will be the obligation to return it to the hole from which it has come out. Although perhaps that obligation is due to we were the ones who took out from there.

If we have mentioned Eternal Doom at the beginning of this text, it is not by chance; Shadow Warrior 3 takes as a reference to the contemporary classic of ID Software in not a few of its facets. Already from the initial compass, its rhythm is firm, fast and with a structure that flows perfectly. In fact, the existence of a division in the form of chapters is perceived by appearing the notification of having acquired an achievement by surpassing them. If not for that data – or for having those alerts deactivated – it would be quite likely that we did not notice. And in the same way that history develops gently, it also does its scenarios: a succession of interconnected arenas through relatively calm segments in which we can exercise the multiple skills at our disposal, especially those related to movement. He laughs his own Lo-Wang, and rightly, that he seems mandatory that in the FPS all the protagonists carry a hook to scroll through the stage. And it might not have stayed there, because our favorite ninja – although because of its attire and weapons does not seem at all – all the modern classics of the genre: run along the walls, air impulse, elusive and the aforementioned hook will give us freedom To move through the Gargantoues and spectacular scenarios of Shadow Warrior 3.

But, for the disgrace of Lo-Wang, in Shadow Warrior 3 we will have little time to enjoy the views. In part because at times when we are not fighting the rhythm of displacement and history will force us to move at full speed by the mapping and, in part, because the rest of the sections will be full of enemies that will prevent us from enjoying environments. The good part is that this extensive mobility will give us a great room of maneuver against the enormous mass of Yokais that will come to us. The bad will be that, which are many. Luckily not only cabriolas, jumps and careers live the FPS player, so, as you will have guessed, he touches talking about the pistols.

The arsenal that will carry L-Wang is broad, eclectic and powerful, with a panoplia in which the most diverse pots fit. Following the tradition of classical FPS, we will find more firepower as we unlawing the story. That does not mean, however, that these acquisitions are obsolete by expanding our options for death and destruction. Rather on the contrary: all of them remain relevant throughout the campaign thanks to a system of improvements that expand their capabilities and reinforce their roles within perfectly structured combat mechanics. They have nothing to see the precise and powerful remote shooting of the classic six-sound revolver with the devastation that unleashes on the short shot our faithful shotgun of four cannons. But those are two mere examples of the multiple tools at our disposal, also reinforced with the steel of our katana or the mystical powers of Lo-Wang, which will allow you to use your chi to make the Yokai enemies and leave them In a perfect position to shoot them. Or to go through them with our sword.

And if we do this distinction between steel and lead is because Shadow Warrior’s combat pushes us, in some heirs of Doom Eternal, to manage the resources that suit us at all times. Anchoving our enemies based on ballistic traumas will guarantee drops that they will recover life and, on the contrary, end their miserable spectral stock through our ancestral sword will make us obtain ammunition for our arsenal. In this way, the sands of Shadow Warrior become an authentic ultra-violence festival unleashed in which speed, Gore and chaos reign without opposition while we make tactical decisions in tenths of a second. As if all this were not enough, such a cocktail must be added anchors for our hook, verticality and other elements that will facilitate mobility by a scenario full of explosive barrels, traps and a powerful system of executions that will guarantee juicy benefits. Unlike, how not, Doom Eternal, we will not have to weaken our enemies to annihilate them as brutally as possible. However, to access these colorful events we will have to fill the execution meter corresponding to the Yokai level in question and pounce on it. Thus, Lo-Wang will reward our effort extending the enemy in question and, besides, we can duplicate our life, remove an eye and turn it into a kind of freezer grenade or start some enemy tip to ride sticks with it against the rest of enemies while Lo-Wang releases them handy like that with that face they do not want them or at home. All very constructive, go.

And spectacular. Because that’s the case, in sum, Shadow Warrior 3. An FPS that I far meet your pretensions to make us enjoy with an agile, fun and duration of which does not spread over its possibilities. While it is true that it does not hide its referents at all, it is also that it does not reach the precision and excellence of them. One of its main edges is that, on occasion, its sands – full of enemies to each harder of Roer – can reach levels of very difficult chaos to handle by the amount of effects and Yokais that are deployed on our screen. But although Lo-Wang does not reach the surgical precision that does do the doomslayer, nor should it be taken to deception: the huge power of its fighting, the charismatic of its protagonists or the firm pulse with which the totality of its campaign is conducted of Shadow Warrior 3 one more than recommended FPS.