Pyramid Games has started an open-world craft survival “ Occupy Mars: The Game ” open beta test receptionist from February 22.

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This work is a sandbox type open world survival that can experience harsh environments on Mars. Players are poor resources and are a violent Mars of day and night, and build a base to stably get water and food and oxygen and energy needed to survive, and upgrade the base little by little.

First of all, a greenhouse, an oxygen tank, a generator, etc. make a pipe and a cable, and start stable food production and supply. And sometimes, I have to repair the damaged parts using electronic parts and electrical instruments etc.

Also, the player will step into a further area of ​​Mars to look for valuable resources. Let’s build a new base in the land weird land, mine groundwater, pump up, and expand the colony by placing and pumping mining facilities. There is a concept of day and night in the game, especially the temperature of the night is cold, so it is necessary to create a solar panel and efficiently ensure the power in the base. And, the vehicle is essential for harsh Mars, but this is also possible to upgrade as well as the bases.

“Occupy Mars: The Game”, which can experience harsh survival experiences on Mars, is currently accepting participation of open beta testing at STeam. The DEMO version is also available at the same time as STeam can also be downloaded.