In our Weapon Guide to Vampire Survivors you will learn:

  • How Weapon Evolution works in the survival roguelike

  • Which items and weapons you need for which combinations
  • What advantages bring you the developed items

How do weapons evolutions work in Vampire Survivors?

Some of the strongest weapons in Vampire Survivors are not just like that. Instead, you have to tinker themselves together by combining different items and thus launches a weapon evolution. But this works only under certain conditions:

  • For each level-up, you have the choice of different weapons, upgrades and objects that adds your skills inventory and start automatically.
  • If you choose a weapon you already own, your previously used model is upgraded by a level.
  • Have you brought a weapon to level 8 in this way, you can combine them with items. Which combinations lead to which weapon evolution is in the table below in this article.

After you have made the combination, you will not just get your new weapon so: You have to survive opponent waves for another 10 minutes and defeat the boss **, who spawn. He then drops a box from which you can see your advanced weapon.

Vampire Survivors: All combinations for strong weapons evolutions

In the following we listen to all known combinations of level 8 weapons and items . Over time, other weapon evolutions should be known or come into play via update. We add this then.

ALL Evolutions Weapons Items Full Guide • Vampire Survivors • 03Feb2022
NAME | Combination out | Ability

Bloody Tear | Whip + Hollow Heart | Critical damage, +8 HP per hit
Death Spiral | Ax + Candelabrador | Damage that penetrates opponent
Heaven Sword | Cross + Clover | High critical damage
Hellfire | Fire Wand + Spinach | High damage due to slow meteor projectiles that penetrate opponents
Holy wall | Magic Wall + Empty Tome | Continuous fire with magical projectiles
La Borra | Santa Water + Attractorb | Generates damage zones that move to the game character.
Soul Eater | Garlic + Pummarola | Attracts a shelter around the game character that weakens opponents and can escape HP. The chance rises, the lower your own life energy is.
Thousand Edge | Knife + Bracer | Continuous fire with knives
Thunder Loop | Lightning Ring + Duplicator | Flashes of the Lightning Ring hit twice
Unholy Vespers | King Bible + Spellbinder | Circles without Coldown around the game character and adds to nearby opponents
Vandalier | Peachone + Ebony Wings (Level 8) | High damage, additional weapons slot, Levelt as the only weapon evolution also in 8 steps (Note: Requires to develop both Peachone and Ebony Wings on Level 8)

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