Smile Gate Mega Port (representative craftsmanship) adds the final quest to finishing ‘Eclipse’, which has been in the ‘Tales Runner’ (Developer Raon Entertainment), which is a popular online racing game ‘Tales Runner’ (Developer Raon Entertainment), and improves various systems in the game We have been on the update and said on the 16th (Wed).

The ‘Athrienda Eclipse’ added this time is a special quest that is a commemorative quest that is a commemoration of the auris 2 and the celebration of the body of the Aubus darkness, Users can proceed with the quest in the park, and the Eclipse Final emblem can be obtained by the quest final completion compensation.

Tales Runner KR ~ Eclipse Runlympic Stadium 9 of 10 : Blocking Jump

Also, it is also added the “foot string” NPC in the park, separately from the Eclipse Quest. The foot of the football is one of the Tales Runner Characters, as a ‘sea’, a hometown friend, and users can see hints and quests for the event channels that will be held through the NPC.

This update was also added to improve the system in the game for the game convenience of users. This eliminates the need to double-click to increase the maximum purchase quantity of items of shops and maiums. Tales Book has improved item collection search, and the items of Malo Lozy were exposed.

In addition, the sorting criteria of the game room in the “Exciting Running” channel can be easily found to be improved. The ‘Shu’ navigation compensation was also renewed, and the number of ‘light energy’ to be used for Shu was increased. In addition, various improvements such as chatting, farm category, and character unique ability to add unique ability.

Finally, the new system of the shop was added to the new system. Users can acquire ‘Royal Fairy Boxes’, such as ‘Royal Fairy Box’, which is a new item of six kinds of new items, through a total of 100 drawings. Through the new personal drawing board, it is possible to obtain five new items in the ‘Secret Protector’ theme.

“I am aware of the support of many runners for the Eclipse event channel,” said Kim Yu-jin Team Leader said, “I will give you the best of your support for the Eclipse Event Channel,” he said. “

“This update was” this update to finish the Eclipse, and then it’s more convenient with some system improvements, “he said,” I will always pay for the runner and make it best to make it a better tails runner. “.

Details of this update can be found at the Tails Runner Official website ( The ‘Tales Runner’ is a stadial online game that has been served since the summer of 2005, and has 1,7 million cumulative members.