Eichner talked about the press conference after the 2-0 win against Kiel from a “game at eye level”. Why his team could still go from the square as a winner? “We showed a away game as you needed in this league: we are well stood well to a few exceptions, have had our moments in the sixteen and were there where money is earned. That’s why it’s for our relationships – and that was in Not so often the case of this season – a nearly perfect appearance. “

Countable brought the Karlsruhe twice on the Kiel lawn: New entry Daniel O’Shaghnessy slammed the ball after a good quarter of an hour into the Kreuzeck (16th), marriage Fabian locker with his joker gate for the preliminary decision (68.). Otherwise, the Kieler often ran, but gorgeous hazard were largely missing. The KSC was defensively stable. Eichner: “That the opponent will have more possession of the possession, we were clear in advance. We had no problem.”

O’Shaghnessy brings “enormous competition”

From O’ShaGnessy Eichner showed himself surprised on the one hand (“” That he can shoot so, I did not know “), on the other hand, of course he knew the qualities of the winter revival:” He does not bring him out of the rest. So far, he has confirmed what we have confirmed He promised to: He enriched our build-up play and brought a huge competition to the team. “

And – it is remembered again: O’Shaghnessy opened the door to the away win with his gate. “If you have the gameplay on your side like us through the Sunday shot, then the opponent is forced to come even more and find even more footballing solutions. The opponent often had the momentum the last few weeks on his side because he has many things Good power. Today it was with us. “