[Data provided: Riot Games]

\ – 2022 WCK Spring Opening of the First Media Day

\ – Oh Sang Hyeon Riot E Sports General “I will not spend investment”

\ – Participation team “Thank you for your good environment… I will show you a wonderful performance”

Riot Games held media data ahead of the opening of the “Wildlift> Champions Korea (WCHCH), which is the in 2022.

Riot Games conducted media data for teams participating in WCK Arena in LCK Arena, located in Gongru-gu, Seoul on the 15th.

One department was conducted to present the presentation of the A Sports General Games e Sports. Older General, said, “After the” Wildlift “,” Wildlift>, “Wildlift,” I will invest a lot of sports tournaments using “Wildlift”. “

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“Wildlift> E-sports test period” E-sports test period “has to take the E-sporting of e-sports in earnest since 2022, and has provided a system in the form of pyramid to the top competition to this.”.

While the amateur and light users participate in the “Wariwari Daewoo”, he took place and challenge the WCK, but he decided to run WCK’s lower League Challenger’s competition.

Through WCK, after the best team took the team, he will be competing with the world’s strongest seats through the global competition that teams representing 8 regions of the world. It will first open in Europe in June this year.

The overall of the Da Sang-heon said, “The League of Legend> I will try to capture the fans’ hearts by winning the League of Legend> e-Sports to capture the minds of fans, We have provided the basis for the best performance of the teams by conducting the competition. “

Part 2 was packed with six teams to participate in the 2022 WCK spring. T1, Rock Sandbox, and Guangdong Prix, who received the LCK seed, and in Guangdong Prix, the Team Crescent and Team Gipper passed through the Open qualifiers and the Team Gipper was together on Media Day.

Most of the teams have done Rollaster Y. Roluster Y has established a record of a scaled set champion in the first WCK competition in Korea in 2021, and has shown competitiveness in the international convention.

Kang Dong-hoon, Kang Dong-hoon, said, “I learned a lot through the International Convention in the 2021 and prepared a lot to go back to the international convention, I will show you a different look, “he said.

In 2022, the players who are on the first regular League WCK WCK said, “Thank you for your riot Games, who made a good environment, and you will show good performance to fans.” T1’s mid liner ‘Core’ Jeong Yong Hun is like “I will be able to play again in the best stadium of Rol Park,” he said, “He said,” I left the WCK in the WCK, but I will challenge the championship this spring. “He said.

2022 The players who participated in the WCK Spring also had a unique commitment. Rolling Y ‘Luna’ Choi Woo-seok would be a collateral color that symbolizes our team, “he promised,” I promised to dye as a mint that symbolizes our team,

2022 WCK Spring will be held on the 21st and held every Monday and Tuesday at 7 pm. The regular league, which is spreading in a double round robin, is held on the 2th of the Match 3, and the playoffs are held on April 16, the 4th and 4th Rhône, April 23 and 4, and the long-awaited finals on April 24.