Bock on exciting arena matches in the ecosystem of World of Warcraft: Classic? Then you should look a little time for the coming weekend! From the 18th of February at 19:00 until the 21st of February 2022, the “Classic Arena Tournament” runs! With this: Eight teams from Europe and North America.

The important corner data

In the official announcement of Blizzard states: “_The Esports from World of Warcraft passes through the dark portal and enter the arena in Season 3 at the second edition of the” Classic Arena Tournament “! The eight most powerful 3VS3 arenatics teams from Europe and North America Your incredible skills in the arena demonstrated and fight by a total of $ 100,000 prize money. Take in front of the devilschiner in eight, when we return to an action-packed weekend full of classic arena PVP in the shard. You expect a lot of nostalgia, excellent commentators And an interview with Brian Birmingham, Lead Software Engineer by WoW Classic! This event should not be missed! _ “

Where, who, what and why clarify the important corner data for the tournament:

  • WO : and

  • Co-Streams : Players can stream their matches.
  • Dates : Friday, February 18th to Sunday, 21st February

WoW Classic Arena Tournament | Day 1 Full VOD
* Beginning of Transmission : 19:00 CET
* Prices : Price pool of a total of $ 100,000
* 1. Place : 17,000 USD
* 2. Place : 12,000 USD
* 3. Place : 8,000 USD
* 4. Place : 5,000 USD
* 5. & 6. Place : 2,500 USD
* 7. & 8th. Place : 1,500 USD
* Format : 3VS3, Best of 7
* Available languages ​​for YouTube streams:
* English – and
* French –

Moderators and teams

The moderator team of the WOW-Classic tournament: Eiya, Supatease, Venruki and Ziqo. Source: Blizzard with Elliott “Venruki” Venczel, Gillian “Eiya” Long, Mohammed “Ziqo” Beshir and Sid “Supatease” Compston was able to win Blizzard several experienced WoW players as commentators for the tournament. The following teams have qualified for the lots:

North American teams

  • Sup Fresh
  • Fishstick Gaming
  • Congrats Floberz
  • Surfs up
  • No glaives
  • B i n g b o n g
  • PhD in Misery

Source: Blizzard the tournament tree for the North American teams. Source: Blizzard the tournament tree for the European teams.

European teams

  • Blackwater Gaming
  • Soon pythons
  • Got Renamed
  • J.B. Phelps Insta
  • Scarabs
  • Naixi Demon King
  • Poland Mountain
  • CZSK Pumper

In ten lots each decide who is allowed to take home the prize money of 17,000 US dollars. What looks like: Do you go to the Classic format of the Arena Tournament? Do you play yourself regularly in Burning Crusade Classic Arena-PVP? Track us in the comments!

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