Lost Ark is a free-to-play game that combines ACTION-RPG struggles with MMO depth, and accordingly owns many game mechanics and concepts. Therefore, there are typically numerous controls and settings that you need to remember to largely play fluid. To learn this is initially difficult, especially if there is no correct summary. But do not worry, with our overview you will be a Lost Ark Grand Master in no time!

Lost Ark – Important Hotkeys

Hotkey / abbreviation function
Alt + A Raid settings
Alt + C Map
Alt + D Code
Alt + L Collectibles
Alt + N Relation
Alt + O Players
Alt + P Companion inventory

Lost Ark: Important Settings and Features You Need to Know About!
Alt + U | guild
Alt + V | Riding
Alt + X | HUD elements / interface gradually hide
Alt + Y | Book of coordination
Alt + Z | Auction house (market)
Alt + Ü | Group search
Tab / Tab | Minimap overlay
Middle Mouse Button | Move Minimap Overlay
B | Change craft / attack skills
I | inventory
J | Questlog
K | Fighting
L | Craft
M | World map
N | Adventurous
O | Squad
P | Character info
T | Automatic movement
U | Friends list
Z | Emot
F2 | Songs
F4 | Shop

Lost Ark – Change keyboard layouts

If the control in Lost Ark is unfamiliar and you feel wonderful with something else, you can easily change them at will.

To change both mouse controls in Lost ARK, you will open the settings menu (ESC for the game menu, then click on “Settings” at the bottom of the center), goes to the “Hotkeys / Basic Control” tab and clears the check box next to “An attack with right-click”. You now use the left mouse button and move with the right mouse button. The key assignments in Lost ARK change you by selecting a category of controls in the drop-down menu in the same menu, click on the key assignment that you want to change, and the new key is pressed.

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