Ubisoft Mainz prepares the Anno 1800 Update 13.2 . The new patch is available for download from 15 February. Meanwhile, the concrete release time is available: The downloads will start you next Tuesday at 6 pm. Together with the update, the seasonal decorations package also appears, which includes 24 new ornaments for all Schönbauer. The cosmetic DLC contains individual ornaments for each season, including flowers, grapes and Christmas decorations.

Bugfixes and optimizations

With the update 13.2, the developers play the necessary support for Anno 1800. In the foreground, however, bugfixes and optimizations are , as shown in the patch notes. For example, fixes for crash causes when starting the benchmarks on the program. Furthermore, the update creates an error from the game world, whereby the Ceiba-tree ornament (“plant a tree” DLC) in the New World was not available.

Anno 1800 - Mod loader - Expand your game by (de)-activating Mods in one click! Season 3 -2021
After the patch download, the consumption statistics should be displayed properly for several goods. Among other things, the user interface has a problem that the satisfaction user interface coincides and blocked the needs display when the scenario has been loaded directly from the regular game (Eden in the end). In multiplayer mode, it should no longer come to repetitive click noises after starting a game. Which changes the Anno 1800 (Buy Now 19.99 € / 53.99 €) Update 13.2 In addition, you will learn in the patch Notes on the ANNO website.

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