The Cities Community: Skylines has warned the users of the Paradox Interactive game of malware discovery in several pretty popular mods.

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In a post published in Reddit, all players are recommended to check their computers before a possible infection after discovering that “redesigned” modder by a modder called Chaos included a hidden installer of malware.

Apparently this installer also introduced in the computer unauthorized modes, and worked badly those who had not been created by Chaos. In total it is estimated that there are around 35,000 users who would have been affected.

An article published in the Subreddit de Cities: Skylines warn that “malicious code has been discovered in the mods published by an author who uses the Holy Water and Chaos names. These mods are” forks “(modified and resubid versions) of popular mods Known creators (such as Harmony, Network Extensions, Traffic Manager: President Edition). Various (although not all) of these mods have been removed from Steam Workshop and the author’s account has been suspended. “

“We recommend that you delete the subscription to all the items published by this author and that you do not subscribe, download or install any mod, of any source, which can be published by this individual in the future.”

A subnetdit moderator explained Anme that “users install Harmony (Redesigned) for any reason and suddenly begin to see errors in popular mods. The solution that is provided is to use their versions. These versions win traction and users, and the People find them instead of the originals. Users install that with the automatic code. And suddenly you have tens of thousands of users who have installed a Trojan on their computer. “

Although Valve has banned Chaos (and all his alternative accounts) and has erased the infected mods, the players fear that I can return using an account that has not been banned.

“Chaos can deploy the code he wants simply publishing code updated in his Github,” warns a moderator. “There is no validation of Steam, Github or any third party. It is a direct link of Chaos to infected computers. If users are running the game with administration permits, for the reason it may be exposed to Virus, Keyloggers or Bitcoins mining software, literally to anything “.