Brock Lesnar was the best-qualified active fighter at the WWE 2K20 List with a rating of 93. But they advance a little more than two years and “the beast” has been officially overthrown by its rival, Roman Reigns. «The Tribal Chief» received a rating of 95 for the next Wek 2k22 game and on Thursday it was announced that Lesnar would be right behind him with 94. In defense of 2K, Reigns came victorious in the only fight they have had since it released WWE 2K20 (in October at the Joya de la Corona Event in Saudi Arabia) and is the favorite to win your next match in Wrestlemania 38 in April.

That party could end up being champion champion depending on what is developed in _ elimination of elimination on February 19. Lesnar dropped the WWE championship against Bobby Lashley in Royal Rumble last month thanks to the strong interference of Reigns, but he will be challenged within Elimination Chamber next to Lashley, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Riddle and Austin Theory.. Check out the updated lineup for the program below:

  • WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs Aj Styles vs Riddle vs Austin Theory (removal camera)
  • Universal WWE Championship: Roman Reigns against Goldberg
  • RAW female championship: Becky Lynch against Lita
  • SMACKDOWN Couples Championships: Uses against Viking Raiders
  • Bianca Belair vs Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley vs Nikki Ash vs Doudrop vs TBA (removal chamber)
  • Drew McIntyre against Madcap Moss

Of the classifications of fighters that 2k has officially launched for WWE 2K22, only one handful has received a number greater than 90. In addition to Reigns and Lesnar, that group is formed by Lashley (91), Drew McIntyre (91) and NWO 4- Life Edition of Hulk Hogan (92). King Mysterio, the game of the game, received a rating of 86.

The game will have a 2k Showcase mode focused on the legendary fighter. In a press event prior to the launch of March 11, Mysterio promoted which of the famous struggles will be in the showcase.

WWE 2K22 Full Roster & Gameplay Reveal Ft. Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar - PS5 (Concept)

“We have the first moment of Wrestlemania where Eddie is against King Mysterio, Wrestlemania 21, Wrestlemania goes to Hollywood,” said Mysterio. “That moment right there, that was what he started this dispute between Eddie Guerrero and I, and soon after, Eddie left us… and there was another special moment that came from that I was able to face HBK in a memorable show.” That we put that night on display because of the death of Eddie, you know?

“And as hard as it was, that moment was very special and I knew that Eddie was looking down and enjoying that night, along with all those who are part of that event,” he added. «But yes, HBK versus King Mysterio. Eddie Guerrero, King Mysterio Wrestlemania 21. We have Undertaker, King Mysterio in the Rumble and you can follow and follow. “