Activision Blizzard will go to Microsoft for just under $ 70 billion in the coming year, which is at least planned. The Publisher has many exciting franchises in the portfolio that could appear exclusively for Xbox and Windows in the future, but one of them is the most important IP: Call of Duty with its annual sales in the billion sector. Alone if these would fall away a series, Sony would have to do without a three-digit million amount – per year.

So much would cost Sony of the Exodus of Call of Duty

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony without COD would be a year estimated revenue between 87.5 and $ 262.6 million dollars. For this money, the platform owner could produce two to three AAA games for the PlayStation. The beaten wound would therefore definitely be painful, and Sony will all be prepared to prevent a possible emigration of Call of Duty or to postpone at least as long as possible.

In addition, there are passive losses: The amounts mentioned are merely the percentage share that Sony receives for each article sold by your shop – this is currently 30 percent. It is more difficult to calculate how much few consoles would be sold, there should be no code for PlayStation. For many, the shooter series in each year represents the only or at least the most important game without giving you any other console.

Only rough estimation: The numbers of the WSJ are far apart, and that already shows that it is only a rough estimate that probably ignores many details. In addition, the numbers probably relate to gross sales – net profit is likely to be significantly lower.

Action against Activision Blizzard : Currently is a claim for discrimination against Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard for discrimination, sexual assaults and poor working conditions in progress. All information about the allegations of a few weeks ago can be found here, everything to the newer scandal around CEO Bobby Kotick here. A comment by Call Editor-in-Chief Editor Rae Grimm regarding our reporting on the topic can be found here.

In addition to the sold units, of course, microstransaktions bring a lot of money, especially in Warzone:

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Xbox Makes a Decision on Call of Duty Exclusivity - IGN Daily Fix

COD remains for the time being on PlayStation

So Sony should be reassured that Xbox boss Phil Spencer first does not attach intentions to attend Call of Duty the PlayStation Community. On the one hand, this may associate with a possible image damage that Microsoft would suffer, but, on the other hand, brings mainly financial benefits. While Sony would have to do without her 30 percent, it would be for Microsoft with 70 percent more than twice as much money that does not flow into the cash registers. The question still remains how long the commitment of Spencer will be valid.

We know that the purchase of Activision Blizzard is a heat-discussed topic. We ask you to always be respectful and constructively to discuss each other. Would you change from the PlayStation to the Xbox, Call of Duty should no longer appear for Sony’s consoles?