Chip crisis and lack of complaint are currently determining rates and availabilities in many industries, televisions are no exception. That also gets to feel the customers in Germany – and not too tight.

A new smart TV is often not a small purchase. Especially those who value quality or look a large panel for series or films and needed for video games, pays several hundred Euro minimum. Top models approximately from LGS OLED rows as well as Samsung Qled TVs, but also from other well-known Manufacturers can even easily hit with several thousand euros.

Plus 16 percent: TV prices

Of course, prices are not committed and can change. The longer about technology devices are on the market, the more likely the price is the price. But with televisions it looks different: the average price for smart TVs at the German market attracts.

In 2021, a new TV cost 694 euros – alone is a proud price. Compared to the previous year, the makes a plus of rich 16 percent (Source: GFU Consumer & Home Electronics). LG and Samsung previously went from even larger surcharges, but globally considered. At the same time, the manufacturer’s association lists lower sold quantities. Here is a minus of 20 percent.

Both developments can be returned directly to the shopping carton. Where fewer devices are ready, can also be sold less and for what can still be sold will require more. A decline in sales was expected to be strong in the previous year because of the pandemic-conditioned unusual, is the GFU.

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Striking on the TV purchases in 2021: The trend towards ever larger panels continues. Big Smart TVs beyond 55 inch screen diagonal made about two-thirds of all devices sold (more than 65 percent). Smaller devices are bought less frequently. This tendency is also reflected in the average price.

Just like the choice of technology: So customers usually pay less than with Qled or OLED televisions for a classic LCD panel. The average price for an OLED TV was over 1,600 euros . But that does not mean that you can not make bargains anymore.