how to complete Garrison Electrical Station - Dying light 2 (broadcast mission guide / Walkthrough)
The faction facilities are your ticket to assign territory to one of the two different factions in Techland’s last open world role play, and are divided into two different categories: Electrical Stations and Water Towels. Here we will be explaining the Puzzle of Garrison Electrical Station for Dying Light 2 which has a flooded underground section that can be complicated for some. The Garrison Electric Station can be one of the first that you return online other than part of a story search at Dying Light 2, and it is likely to be one more step in difficulty of the riddles you have resolved so far. Even so, it is not too complicated if you understand the order in which you are supposed to connect each cable. ## Puzzle solution from Garrison’s electric station for Dying Light 2 Time needed: 10 minutes.