Of the many secrets that SIFU hides, one of the ones who are going to torment you during the first hours is power Open the door to the private room that is before the head of the first level, the okup area .

What’s behind the door? Where is the key? I will find something behind that will make the game easier? All these questions are what we want to answer below in this SIFU guide .

How to open the door to the private room of the first level of SIFU

The key to open the door of the private room from the Okupa area is in a small object that we collect in that same area, the card 206 that is on the nearby table and that will be saved on our plank De Detective

As it reads that key, the card 206 opens one of the rooms at sanctuary , the last level of the game, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until then to discover what’s behind that mysterious door.

Once you arrive at that level, the only thing you should do is climb the stairs of the second building and go at the end of the corridor, just after fighting one of the giant guards. There you will find the door to room 206 and, inside, the key for the private room of the Okupa area.

What is behind the door to the private level of the first level of SIFU (spoilers)

Far from finding something that changes the game completely, what you will find in The private room of Fajar is a note about the botanist who speaks of the health of it. He apparently he has a disease from which he is being treated, but no more details are given about it.

With that object you will close the detective plank from the Okupa area and you will be closer to get Complete the game at 100% . Congratulations, you have already discovered what is hidden behind one of the first great mysteries of SIFU .

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