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Analysis of Shadow Warrior 3 – Lo

Brutal, fun and vertiginous, Shadow Warrior 3 is called to be one of the best FPS of the year.

That a video game obtains the unanimous applause of criticism and public does not have to bring the creation of a trend in the environment in question. We all know, for example, that the success of Dark Souls Formula brought us a wave – not to say, directly, a tsunami – of interpretations, extensions and several replica attempts that were received unevenly. However, there are other very transcendent titles whose mechanics, modes and ways have not covered with the same depth among developers, either because gender is not at its best or because said playable core has very complex peculiarities of equalize. This is the case of Eternal Doom: a brutal title, Gore and descended on the surface, but which hides an accurate design and measured to the millimeter under its outer layer of hooligan. All this led him to leave a mark on his own and strangers of the FPS but, following the thread of this introduction, he did not find successor on the horizon… until Shadow Warrior 3 appeared.


Basic information

  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Editor: Return digital

Обзор Shadow Warrior 3
* Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
* Proven version: PC
* Availability: 01/03/2022

This third installment of the saga of Shadow Warrior is developed by Flying Wild Hog, a Polish independent study, nothing alien to the Revival of the so-called Boomer-Shooters. Not in vain, yours is the invoice of the previous deliveries dated 2013 and 2016, respectively. Well, in Shadow Warrior 3 we will continue incarnating our beloved ninja, mercenary, nerd of the superheroes and piece of lo-wang pieces, character that I find truly hilarious. Although the protagonist is the same and the plot continues that of the previous titles, Flying Wild Hog has endeavored to make a delivery as self-contained as possible. Those who have not played the previous deliveries will be able to catch up with the summary of the plot that the Lo-Wang does, in underpants and with Moñacos, as soon as the curtain rise. On the other hand, and as is logical, those who take the saga a day, will enjoy the references, characters and fuss of one of the most unlikely heroes that a videogame has never starred. In any case, the objective will be clear: the world is on the verge of collapse by the appearance of a millennial dragon of worlds and ours will be the obligation to return it to the hole from which it has come out. Although perhaps that obligation is due to we were the ones who took out from there.

If we have mentioned Eternal Doom at the beginning of this text, it is not by chance; Shadow Warrior 3 takes as a reference to the contemporary classic of ID Software in not a few of its facets. Already from the initial compass, its rhythm is firm, fast and with a structure that flows perfectly. In fact, the existence of a division in the form of chapters is perceived by appearing the notification of having acquired an achievement by surpassing them. If not for that data – or for having those alerts deactivated – it would be quite likely that we did not notice. And in the same way that history develops gently, it also does its scenarios: a succession of interconnected arenas through relatively calm segments in which we can exercise the multiple skills at our disposal, especially those related to movement. He laughs his own Lo-Wang, and rightly, that he seems mandatory that in the FPS all the protagonists carry a hook to scroll through the stage. And it might not have stayed there, because our favorite ninja – although because of its attire and weapons does not seem at all – all the modern classics of the genre: run along the walls, air impulse, elusive and the aforementioned hook will give us freedom To move through the Gargantoues and spectacular scenarios of Shadow Warrior 3.

But, for the disgrace of Lo-Wang, in Shadow Warrior 3 we will have little time to enjoy the views. In part because at times when we are not fighting the rhythm of displacement and history will force us to move at full speed by the mapping and, in part, because the rest of the sections will be full of enemies that will prevent us from enjoying environments. The good part is that this extensive mobility will give us a great room of maneuver against the enormous mass of Yokais that will come to us. The bad will be that, which are many. Luckily not only cabriolas, jumps and careers live the FPS player, so, as you will have guessed, he touches talking about the pistols.

The arsenal that will carry L-Wang is broad, eclectic and powerful, with a panoplia in which the most diverse pots fit. Following the tradition of classical FPS, we will find more firepower as we unlawing the story. That does not mean, however, that these acquisitions are obsolete by expanding our options for death and destruction. Rather on the contrary: all of them remain relevant throughout the campaign thanks to a system of improvements that expand their capabilities and reinforce their roles within perfectly structured combat mechanics. They have nothing to see the precise and powerful remote shooting of the classic six-sound revolver with the devastation that unleashes on the short shot our faithful shotgun of four cannons. But those are two mere examples of the multiple tools at our disposal, also reinforced with the steel of our katana or the mystical powers of Lo-Wang, which will allow you to use your chi to make the Yokai enemies and leave them In a perfect position to shoot them. Or to go through them with our sword.

And if we do this distinction between steel and lead is because Shadow Warrior’s combat pushes us, in some heirs of Doom Eternal, to manage the resources that suit us at all times. Anchoving our enemies based on ballistic traumas will guarantee drops that they will recover life and, on the contrary, end their miserable spectral stock through our ancestral sword will make us obtain ammunition for our arsenal. In this way, the sands of Shadow Warrior become an authentic ultra-violence festival unleashed in which speed, Gore and chaos reign without opposition while we make tactical decisions in tenths of a second. As if all this were not enough, such a cocktail must be added anchors for our hook, verticality and other elements that will facilitate mobility by a scenario full of explosive barrels, traps and a powerful system of executions that will guarantee juicy benefits. Unlike, how not, Doom Eternal, we will not have to weaken our enemies to annihilate them as brutally as possible. However, to access these colorful events we will have to fill the execution meter corresponding to the Yokai level in question and pounce on it. Thus, Lo-Wang will reward our effort extending the enemy in question and, besides, we can duplicate our life, remove an eye and turn it into a kind of freezer grenade or start some enemy tip to ride sticks with it against the rest of enemies while Lo-Wang releases them handy like that with that face they do not want them or at home. All very constructive, go.

And spectacular. Because that’s the case, in sum, Shadow Warrior 3. An FPS that I far meet your pretensions to make us enjoy with an agile, fun and duration of which does not spread over its possibilities. While it is true that it does not hide its referents at all, it is also that it does not reach the precision and excellence of them. One of its main edges is that, on occasion, its sands – full of enemies to each harder of Roer – can reach levels of very difficult chaos to handle by the amount of effects and Yokais that are deployed on our screen. But although Lo-Wang does not reach the surgical precision that does do the doomslayer, nor should it be taken to deception: the huge power of its fighting, the charismatic of its protagonists or the firm pulse with which the totality of its campaign is conducted of Shadow Warrior 3 one more than recommended FPS.

BVB: Expert expects with dismissal of Marco Rose

Ex-national player Dietmar Hamann expects a timely dismissal of coach Marco Rose near Borussia Dortmund. Misere with the misery, according to the ex-national player, also carry the BVB bosses.

2: 2 at the Rangers and the early in the Europa League, 1: 1 at FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga: behind Borussia Dortmund is a disappointing week.

The season of the BVB was almost already running at the end of February. Only the qualification for the Champions League is still on the agenda of the table seconds of the Football Bundesliga.

Rose-raus-Rufe nach 1:1 gegen Augsburg - Marco Rose reagiert mit Ironie | Borussia Dortmund

BVB: Separation of Marco Rose stands for Hamann “except question”

No wonder that, given this poor yield, coach Marco Rose moves into the focus of criticism. In Augsburg, there was the first “rose out” calls of the BVB fans – “no pleasant situation”, as the 45-year-old even admitted to the game.

Dietmar Hamann does not believe that the former Gladbach coach in Dortmund has a long-term future. “I think it’s been held at Rose as long as you have a chance to become masters. That the marriage Dortmund and Marco Rose is finished in a short view, is out of the question for me,” said the former Bundesliga professional at “Sky said 90 “.

Rose had “not sufficiently developed the team,” explained Hamann. “You’ve lost twelve times after 35 or 36 games. Lucien Favre has used twelve times to lose twelve. This shows how they presented this year.”

Criticism also on the BVB guidance

Debt on the misery around Rose, according to Hamanns also bears the BVB guidance.

“You have to create an environment, a base and structure, where you give him all the possibilities to succeed. That did not work in my opinion with the whereabouts of Edin Terzic,” explained the 48-year-old.

Terzic had led the BVB thanks to a fulminant final lane in the expired second half of the interim coach still in the premier class and the DFB Cup victory. He works in the meantime as a technical director at Borussia.

The “Battlefield” portal of Battlefield 2042 is innovative and awesome

October 22, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will be launched around the world. This time, developers have chosen to remove all traditional campaign and focus on what they do best, multiplayer. In doing so, they divided their multiplayer component into three distinct multiplayer experiences.

We recently plunged into the more traditional Battlefield 2042 multiplayer experience; All-Out War, with 128 players and preferred modes of Conquest and Breakthrough fans, playable on seven new cards. In the future, Hazard Zone, a brand new type of game based on a team, will finally have a complete revelation. Today, however, this is a brand new Battlefield experience that should make many incredibly excited fans. Presentation of the Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield Portal is nothing of what we saw before in the Battlefield franchise, and yet it will seem and will feel too familiar. This new experience, developed by Ripple Effect Studios, has been nicknamed internally a love letter to Battlefield fans. But what exactly what is it? Well, it depends on you.

Essentially, players will have access to a builder that offers a variety of tools that will allow players to customize their own battles Battlefield. This generator is divided into two separate sections, parameters and logic. The Settings section is divided into a whole series of subcategories and is designed to be relatively easy to modify a wide range of options such as modes, cards and more. The Logic parameter includes a logical editor designed to please those who are a little more ambitious and comfortable with programming. Between the two, fans will be able to create their own distinct Battlefield experiences to play and share with the world.

In Battlefield Portal, you have access to 6 iconic 3 cards of Battlefield’s most popular games. You will get Battle of the Bulge & El Alamein de Battlefield 1942, Valparaiso & Arica Harbor of Bad Company 2, and Caspian Border & Noshahr Battlefield Canals 3. These cards have been updated with improved visuals and designed to accommodate 128 battles of players.

All assets have been rebuilt with the new frostbite engine. These cards will seem familiar to you, but will fit perfectly with the incredible Battlefield 2042 cards. The levels of Battlefield 1942 did not include any kind of level destruction previously – this was corrected in Battlefield Portal. Players will also have access to the seven new Battlefield 2042 cards with whom tinker. And if that is not enough, each card also has a smaller version of the size of an “arena”.

It is important to note that you can not really customize the cards themselves, they are as such. Battlefield Portal does not include any kind of spatial publisher. You will not be able to customize the goals either – so if you customize a conquest match, you will not be able to adjust the location of the capture points.

The Battlefield Portal gives you access to all weapons, vehicles, armies and classes / specialists presented in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2042. After choosing the map on which you want your battle to unfold, then, You will pass to the modes where you can choose from a range of game modes, such as Conquest or Rush.

After choosing the game mode, you will have a variety of mode settings that will allow you to really expand your vision. For example, factions allows you to choose which soldiers or vehicles can compete on your battlefield. The Mobility setting allows you to switch between the player’s capabilities, such as sprint or lying position. The Visibility parameter allows you to change the user interface. The Arsenal parameter allows you to restrict weapons, specialists, classes and vehicles. For example, if, like me, you hate snipers, you can completely remove the elite shooter rifles from your battlefield. I love it! Finally, the scale parameter allows you to adjust the number of players in each team. The minimum is 1 per team, so theoretically, you could potentially make a creation opposing you to 127 AI or real players, or you and a friend against 126 AI or real players.

The Team Select option allows you to choose the two Battlefield series that will oppose. You can choose to oppose Battlefield 1942 in Battlefield 3, or Bad Company 2 in Battlefield 2042. Now, I know what you think – the most futuristic armies will probably have a significant advantage. You are absolutely right. And when the developers were interviewed on balancing, they simply said that no balancing had been d1. Why? Because the goal is that players have fun creating various scenarios. Balancing depends entirely on you. You still do not know what to do with it? Well, consider this – maybe these weapons Battlefield 1942 have a slower firing rate, but you can change their damage to be more powerful than Battlefield 2042 weapons. It’s your battlefield, you Decide what just seems to you.

The last, but not least, is the logical publisher. This provides the user with a programmable type interface where you can really dive in the smallest detail. It will be an area where Battlefield’s most dedicated fans will create their own unique modes. It seemed incredibly intimidating, but fortunately, there are already plans to provide a variety of tutorials to the launch to help potential programmers with this section. Keep in mind that logical settings are totally optional and you will always have many other options to change without having to worry about programming skills. Are there any limits to the logical publisher? Well, at this point, developers have not yet reached a limit. They are not even sure of what would happen if the limit was reached (although one of them made the hypothesis that the game would probably fail – I’m sure these details will be set to launch).

I’m sure your mind is swimming with ideas. A developer mentioned that a popular creation of the studio featuring 128 free players with just fighter guns – a pure chaos. For me, as a fan of Call of Duty too, I wonder how much I can transform Battlefield into a Call of Duty experience. I think I use one of the cards of the size of a arena, hardcore and without classes. In addition, I will eliminate sniper rifles.

Чего ожидать от BATTLEFIELD PORTAL ?

What happens if you are far from your game console and suddenly find a smart idea of ​​Battlefield gate? Well, you will be delighted to know that you can actually connect to the Battlefield Portal website and design your mode from your mobile phone or PC. All you need is an EA account. Fun: Anyone can create his own creation of Battlefield Portal. Of course, you can not play it unless you own Battlefield 2042, but hey, at least you can test the creative tools. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can share it with your friends – there are integrated sharing options so you can easily share it on all your social networks.

It goes without saying that there are probably millions of creations in a short time. Developers intend to use a variety of algorithms, as well as listen to social media channels, to see what is popular. These popular creations will be honored on Battlefield Portal, ensuring that new content is always available to try. Who knows, maybe your creation will also be highlighted! Each creation will also assign a variety of tags according to the parameters you choose – this should facilitate the search for creations that you will enjoy playing.

One of the most incredible decisions made by developers with Battlefield 2042 is to ensure that the entire experience looks like a unified set. As such, play games in Battlefield Portal will transfer the XP to the battlefield progression system, which means you will continue to grind your Battle Pass and earn rewards. New weapons, cards and vehicles introduced throughout the different seasons of Battlefield will also be used in Battlefield Portal. Although they would not confirm if more classic Battlefield cards would arrive in the future – I imagine that if Battlefield Portal becomes as popular as it should be, then they will certainly leave more classic maps on the fans.

Some final notes that I could not integrate elsewhere. Battlefield Portal will offer crossed games, like the All-Out War experience of Battlefield 2042. This means that Xbox Series X / PS5 / PC players will compete, while the latest generation players (Xbox One / PS4) will be limited to compete. The maximum number of players for the current creations of Battlefield Portal is 128 players. Finally, there is an open beta for Battlefield 2042 to come in September. No word if this will include Battlefield Portal, I think it will most likely be limited to the Battlefield 2042 All-Out War experience. Those who pre-ordered will enter the beta earlier, but everyone will eventually have the chance to dive. No official date has been fixed, only that it starts in September and that it is not on September 1st.

And this ends with a thorough and deepened examination of the Battlefield Portal. After watching the previous images of Battlefield 2042, I was slightly excited about this new Battlefield game. However, after hearing about Battlefield Portal, it is now close to the top of my most anticipated games of 2021. I really think it could change the game and we’ll see incredible creations from the community. In addition, the fact that enjoying these community creations will always offer a progression for the Battle Pass of each season is fantastic. I can not wait to see what the EA Dice team has more in store for Battlefield 2042.

The future Fortis event includes a single player

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 – Zero Point ends March 15 and Epic Games made all affairs that fans can expect from the upcoming event. The “Zero Crisis Final” will focus on the Jonesy agent of Troy Baker and his efforts to repair the reality after Galactus disrupted the zero point at the end of the last season. All players can play this solo mission with agent Jones on March 16th. Fortnite is available now for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Android, Mac, and PC.

While Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 ended with a big bang while Galactus de Marvel was tearing the card, the event included a small taste of solo. It seems that Epic Games wants to continue the experience of the solo event with the next “Zero Crisis Final”, although they did not tease what it will involve. The Jonesy agent spent most of Season 5 in Chapter 2 looking for the greatest hunters in time and space, so it is likely that the coming event will involve familiar faces.

According to Epic Games, Fortnite fans will not have to assist live to “Zero Crisis Final”, the Jonesy mission is available for everyone on March 16 before starting the new map. Jonesy’s solo mission will apparently start automatically when Fortnite fans will connect for the first time to season 6. Fortnite fans can already see the zero point and its different portals around the card act very strangely, which is clearly preparing for the event that happens in a few days.

Are you looking forward to Fortnite Chapter 2 season 6 or are you looking forward to participating in the solo event? Let us know in the comments below!

Xbox already has better integration with Twitch

After a few years, Microsoft has brought back the native integration of twitch at xbox . Previously it used to be a fairly useful function, but recently you had to do everything manually by applying twitch . Luckily, that has finally changed today.

Xbox Adds Twitch
After having been available first for members of the program xbox insiders , twitch has been reinteed to the xbox board, from where you can adjust things like microphone settings, options Camera, positioning of overlay, and more. Additionally, these new functions of integration already have an adequate support for the webcam.

Once the latest update has been applied, which is available today, go to the “Capture and Share” menu in the Xbox guide. From there, you can see your linked account of twitch above the “Transmit live” button. The previously mentioned configurations will also be deployed here.

With all this, you will have more ease to make direct live transmissions from your xbox without having as many complications in the process. Will you try this new integration? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Editor’s note : It is good to know that Microsoft has been listening to the community, and not just that, but have also been offering solutions. There are still many things to integrate into their new consoles, but they have definitely been taking the right steps.

Bvb: hook the BVB

Due to his contract, which in the summer of 2023, the future of defender Manuel Akanji at Borussia Dortmund is still unclear. Now details are penetrated, which depends on an extension of the BVB with the Swiss.

As the “million euross picture” reports, the central defender had annoyed the responsible persons of the territory club with his salary receivables.

According to the leaf, Akanji calls for an increase in its references to ten million euros per playing time in the course of a renewal, which coincides a doubling of its current salary.

An offer of Dortmund with an annual salary of eight million euros plus bonus payments has recently rejected the Swiss Sosse.

Akanji was in this playing time in a shaky BVB defense one of the more stable actors – although he was also a few really bad games as well as the Rangers in the Europa League. In principle, in the club leadership, there is still interest to extend the contract with the defensive player up to at least 2026, so the sheet.

However, that the right foot demands such a severe salary increase ensures incomprehension. With ten million euros a year, he was almost at a level with Star New Shop Niklas Süle, which is supposed to emit around twelve million.

BVB Icon Kohler: “He’s well served”

The “million euross picture” writes, using the example of Akanji you realize that BVB players themselves overestimate themselves. The defense partner of Mats Hummels is therefore the “outrageous BVB profi”.

Also club icon Jürgen Kohler expressed incomprehension for the demands: “He is a good player, but no top defender in Europe. I find if Dortmund makes him an offer over eight million, he is well served. More he has with his Performance so far not justified, “quotes the leaf the former defender.

Clare that the BVB bosses also plan in case that no agreement with Akanji comes about. In this scenario, the Nati star should be sold in the coming summer. A transfer could be over 25 million euros, speculates the million euross direction.

But the ongoing hanging portion should not last too long. According to “million euros Image”, the poker with Akanji possibly even the search for a substitute.

Borussia Dortmund - Borussia M'gladbach 6-0 | Highlights | Matchday 23 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Freiburg Nico Schlotterbeck, who has been traded at BVB for a long time, have already existed several requests. Since the Dortmund could not afford both defenders, a decision would soon be a decision.

Also Kohler sees here in problem: “either Akanji or Schlotterbeck. Both together I think it is unlikely.

Open World Mars Survival “Occupy Mars: The Game” Open beta test reception start-Constructs a colony and survives harsh environment

Pyramid Games has started an open-world craft survival “ Occupy Mars: The Game ” open beta test receptionist from February 22.

30 New Upcoming PC SURVIVAL Games in 2022 & 2023 ► Best Open World, Crafting, Base Building!
This work is a sandbox type open world survival that can experience harsh environments on Mars. Players are poor resources and are a violent Mars of day and night, and build a base to stably get water and food and oxygen and energy needed to survive, and upgrade the base little by little.

First of all, a greenhouse, an oxygen tank, a generator, etc. make a pipe and a cable, and start stable food production and supply. And sometimes, I have to repair the damaged parts using electronic parts and electrical instruments etc.

Also, the player will step into a further area of ​​Mars to look for valuable resources. Let’s build a new base in the land weird land, mine groundwater, pump up, and expand the colony by placing and pumping mining facilities. There is a concept of day and night in the game, especially the temperature of the night is cold, so it is necessary to create a solar panel and efficiently ensure the power in the base. And, the vehicle is essential for harsh Mars, but this is also possible to upgrade as well as the bases.

“Occupy Mars: The Game”, which can experience harsh survival experiences on Mars, is currently accepting participation of open beta testing at STeam. The DEMO version is also available at the same time as STeam can also be downloaded.

Destiny 2: Hexenkenigin Release – known problems with overweight mods

Even before the witch king for Destiny 2 celebrates its release – tonight, on 22.02.2022 from 19:00 clock, if everything is smooth -, the developers of the MMO shooter already tell you what known problems it Game gives. And some of them are not only annoying, but have gamesbreaker potential. Apparently in Season 16 of Destiny 2, the season of the risen, are unlocked over the season artifact overloading mods for automatic rifles and machine guns. The currently do not work.

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External content more in our privacy policy.

Overload – Overload – is an opponent modifier. If an overload opponent is not stopped by an overweight mod, it is as good as immortal. The thing is: You can play the hex king missions from the beginning in the legendary difficulty ; Then, however, enemies with modifiers such as barrier, inexorably or – you will preview it – just overloaded. Stupid, if you can not stumble the overload opponents. How could that happen, bungie?

Known problems in hex king

Apart from this blatant problem and that another error ensures that Destiny fan at the PS4 can download a data record of 72 GB only from 18:00 , there are still the following difficulties:

  • Season passes are applied to the first set of characters signing up. If your Cross Save plans, but later wants to use other characters, it is recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in.
  • The recommended PowerLevel for the Playlist Psiops battlefields is not displayed when the activity starts. The recommended starch is 1500.
  • The overload mods for automatic rifle and machine gun from the artifact do not successfully interrupt the health regeneration of overcharge champions after anesthesia.
  • Opening the character screen on Xbox consoles with a full inventory can lead to a strong frame rate slump.

  • The grave robber PERK on the Enigma-Glefe is currently disabled and can not be activated. This ability is activated in a coming hotfix.

  • Melee Kills With the Glefe do not count for the Kill Tracker progress and certain, caused by melee-fired Perks.
  • Certain ghost traceability mods show no target materials or chests in the throne world.

WoW Top 10 Game Zone best Play for You #shorts | #39
* Enemies with the weakening magic “volatile” may not count for the head money progress if they are defeated with area damage.
* Certain strengthening and weakening spells of players can not be provided with appropriate symbols.

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Animation 2D Scroll ACT “ITORAH” affected by Miya civilization-Release date determination-vertical orientation

Developer GRIMBART TALES announced the release date at STEAM and GOG.COM in animation 2D horizontal scroll action “ ITORAH “, and published an announce laser including gameplay.

This work is a 2D horizontal scroll type action that looks at the Handwunction style animation affected by Maya / Aztec civilization. In order to protect everyone from “black disease” that “ otler ” who lost memory is restored to remove her own memory, to protect everyone from “black disease” to protect everyone from “black disease”, I will run out of time.

In the trailer, ITra’s action packed fight with fantastic “Nafkan” is drawn. A dungeon with a variety of actions, such as a battle with Boss with a huge dragon, a huge dragon, a huge dragon, and avoiding the enemy’s attack, or a dungeon, such as a long distance attack using a boomerang. I will capture. And various friends who work together and fight together in the way.

“ITORAH” is also scheduled to be released on Satorah on Sateam and for the world view, which is affected by Masaemerica, MasaemericaDeveloper GRIMBART TALES announced the release date at STEAM and GOG.COM in animation 2D horizontal scroll action “ ITORAH “, and published an announce laser including gameplay.

This work is a 2D horizontal scroll type action that looks at the Handwunction style animation affected by Maya / Aztec civilization. In order to protect everyone from “black disease” that “ otler ” who lost memory is restored to remove her own memory, to protect everyone from “black disease” to protect everyone from “black disease”, I will run out of time.

In the trailer, ITra’s action packed fight with fantastic “Nafkan” is drawn. A dungeon with a variety of actions, such as a battle with Boss with a huge dragon, a huge dragon, a huge dragon, and avoiding the enemy’s attack, or a dungeon, such as a long distance attack using a boomerang. I will capture. And various friends who work together and fight together in the way.

“ITORAH” is also scheduled to be released on Satorah on Sateam and for the world view, which is affected by Masaemerica, Masaemerica.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Release Date, Pre

Destiny 2 The Hexenkenigin , the latest expansion of bungages futuristic ego shooter space epic with live service is just outside the door. The basic version of the extension costs $ 39.99. If that’s out of the way, when will it come out? When and how can I prove it? What can we expect from the new expansion? All this and more will be answered here in our dive for everything you need to know about Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

Release date of Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

The release date for The Witch Queen is the 22nd of February 2022 at 12:00 clock EST / 9: 00 clock PST. The season of the risen is the latest season that does not have to be purchased and at the same time starts with the new extension.

Following the format of each previous update, Bungie has shut down the servers to prepare for the new extension. They were switched off at 12:00 pm EST / 21:00 PST on February 20, 2022. So, for those who have tried to squeeze out the last hours out of the old contents, I’m afraid that their time has expired.

Destiny 2 The Witch Quantity File Size & Pre-Load

The file size for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is quite large: Players need at least 105 GB for free to download the new extension. This number can vary depending on the platform on which you play, but be at least 105 GB prepared.

The Preload for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen starts on February 21, 2022 at 22:00 clock EST / 19: 00 PST. As soon as you have loaded the game in advance, you can boot directly into the extension if you have released will. Remember that the servers will be full of players and there may be some mistakes that need to be resolved.

Destiny 2 | SEASON RESET & WITCH QUEEN RELEASE! Pre Load, New Quests, Activities, Eververse (22 Feb)

What you can expect from the new expansion

There is a lot, what you can look forward to when it comes to Destiny 2 The Witch Queen. For the beginning there are new RAIDs, new strikes, new exotics, a new card, a new weapons manufacturing system and more. Of course, Besides, there will be a brand new campaign around Savathun the witch king highest person.

One of the most exciting newcomers are the Glaives, a new melee weapon that players in the ego perspective. There are three different types per class, each of which do something unique. Also, Void 3.0 is published This is a complete revision of the Void subclass in Destiny 2.

DESTINY 2 The witch king will be available on 22 February 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

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