Before its release next week, PlayStation and Naughty Dog have today released a new trailer of Charted: the legacy of thieves. The launch trailer of the game gives us a new look at the remastered images that will be seen in the iteration of PlayStation 5 of both. Unchart 4: The outcome of the thief and unchart: the lost legacy, which are the two entries that make up this collection. And although nothing of what is shown here is completely new or different, it seems that this remaster for PS5 should be of high quality.

The launch trailer of Uncharted: the legacy of the thieves, which you can find then shows a series of iconic scenes that take place in both inexplain 4 and The lost legacy. For the most part, this video highlights some of the many scenes of each delivery, but certain parts of the game have also been included in this trailer. While both games were already great in their way in PS4, the new PS5 power seems to have made a considerable improvement.


It is worth noting that if you have not yet played inexplain 4 or The lost legacy, for yourself, you may want to skip the visualization of this launch trailer. While it does a great job when selling players in remistering, it also includes a series of glimpses of various scenes that tend to spoil some of the great moments seen in both titles. So, if you are still trying that these games do not ruin you, it might be better to omit this video for now.

Uncharted: The legacy of the thieves is ready to finally launch next week on January 28 for PS5. It is also expected that a PC version of the game arrives later in 2022. In addition, if you already have inexplorado 4 or The lost legacy or physically in PlayStation 4, you can simply pay $ 10 to update to this version of PS5 instead to have to buy the colacto de Law of Total Thieves.

Are you going to visit these uncharted games of yesteryear in PS5? Or are you waiting for the iteration of the PC instead? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.