The most veteran players of League of Legends remember everything that has happened with the same commented and criticized client of the game. Today, Riot Games has its own application for your games, from Valorant to Legends of Runetterra, but it was not always like that and, with that in mind, the community discussed which was the best client of the game and How they preferred to join the battle in the invoked crack.

Client new vs antique customer

The thread was created by the XEmacs user in the official Subreddit of LOL, at the same time an extract of a recording in which his computer supposedly opened the old LOL client , showing the 2010 version:

Since the publication in question, members of the Community stated that the famous session start screen were lost. As much as the Riot customer currently has its login screen, according to players, animations and small details do not have the same impact as once. Next we will leave a comparison of the first LOL logon screen with the Riot client in 2022. Be careful the most veterans since when reviving the music and the effects of the first customer may come out a tear:

Other players even shared that there is a way to access or view the images and sounds of the old logon screens using game files installed on the computer’s document folders, and some of these were used as a response in publication, such as Client of the Mob First Season. Also according to some comments, the appearance of the previous login screen may occur as an extremely rare error related to the updates of the game after installing the patches. LOL is in its 12.1 update, which opens the doors of the 2022 season, but many other details have already been revealed on the new season, in addition to the unpublished animation The Call, information about the HRI Rework has also been revealed, as well as information about the new Zero champion.

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