As it looks, the Epic Games Store will also give away at least one PC game to its users every seven days in 2022, because the download platform has already betrayed which game is available for download next week for free in the Epic Games Store.


This is the puzzle platform Relic ta . The game was released on August 4, 2020, and describes itself as physic-based first-person puzzle game, in which you have to combine magnetism and gravity in a creative way to fathom the secrets of the Chandra basis. Alone in the depths alone The moon is your scientific mind the only one who can keep your daughter still alive… We could definitely have a lot of fun with the title, we can read her in our test to Relic ta.

How do I get free games in the Epic Games Store?

If it’s a account with Epic Games has , can you Relic ta between 20 and 27 January 2022 Epic Games Store download on the PC. The activation takes place as usual at 17:00 . Then you have a week to link the title with your Game Account. Once done, the title belongs permanently to you, and you can play it as often and download.

What is the title that there are in Epic Games Store for free?

Currently, you can in Epic Games Store, space strategy Galactic Civilization 3 Download free . Which free game relics will replace, we will then learn about the change on January 20 at 17:00.