The Survival MMO The Day Before has already worked on its announcement as a multiplayer blend of The Last of US 2. Together, you would have to counteract a zombie apocalypse in the game of Developer Studio Fantastic. Now there is a new trailer to admire, which in collaboration with NVIDIA clearly makes how beautiful a world-drawn world can be.

Zombies mature in 4k

What to see in the trailer? The published video shows Gameplay scenes directly from the game. In just under a minute, we get excerpts from the game world and a carnage against zombies to see. And that can really be seen:

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The Day Before - Exclusive Official Gameplay Trailer
The displayed NVIDIA technologies such as DSS and RTX Global Illumination (which ensure more realistic light and shading presentation) are of course only available for the PC version of the game. But the PS5 and Xbox Series X can easily display the 4K resolution and ray tracing shown.

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The Day Before as an apocalyptic scene

The game mixes the horror like with survival and MMO elements. In colonies, you have to look for resources with other players in abandoned buildings. However, zombie-hordes make life difficult, so you should only work well armed in the Open World.

The Day Before appears on June 21, 2022, for the PC. In addition, a PS5 and Xbox Series X version should follow, but for both, however, no concrete date of publication is not yet.

The game principle is strongly reminiscent of the Last of Us, because even here the last survivors must fight against mutant beings, which were actually infected people. Since the focus is now on the breathtaking graphics, it remains to be seen if the story is also gripping as at The Last of Us.

What do you say about the new gameplay scenes to The Day Before? Do you like the graphic or would you prefer to value a good story?