A world championship is usually a global competition open up to elite rivals from worldwide, representing their countries, and also winning such an occasion will certainly be considered the highest possible or near highest accomplishment in the sporting activity, game, or capacity.

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#LPL 2022 Spring Preseason Power Rankings | Teams #5 - 1

Call up / Sand down cycle, 2 weeks per week

World Championship Conditioning Conditional Change

Spring regular league Full week 5 days

The 2022 Champions Korea Spring, which raises Jan. 12, is a variety of changes.

E sports hosting the Korean Program of the Sports, the League of Legend> Champions Korea (LACK) is a 2022 LACK Spring to shorten the Gallup / sand down cycle, The championship line has also given conditional changes.

Call and Sand Down Cycle 1 week

LACK has decided to shorten the Gallup and sand down from the 2022 LACK spring to a week from 2 weeks. As a result, a roster exchange between groups and 2 groups per week and two groups will be able to operate a roster more strategic and flexible.

Add power analysts, roister

From the 2022 season, the Power Analyst was able to officially register the team roaster. The power analyst is officially given a coach box entry permissions, so it is expected that more detailed analysis is possible, and it is expected to have a positive impact on team performance. The power analyst is not an obligation, and 2 teams, including DR and KT, etc., have registered power analysts.

Change of system of world championship

The World Championship, the World Championship in the World, Korea (LACK) has entered the first time in 2021. Even though the advance ticket has increased to 4 in the previous three, the Korean representative selection method is the same as the previous year, and the two teams that have been executed were the same as the end of the world, did.

LACK has decided to apply a linear development method for tension and fun enhancement when the World Championship Exhibition will be assigned this year. The Summer Championship team is a 1st Seed, Championship Point Choir Appeared team twice the team twice, and the top four teams among the 8 teams except these two teams, excluding these two teams, same.

However, under the newly introduced method, the world championship entry has already established the World Championship, except for seeds, and the team, which has been the first to the championship points and seconds, and the team that won the World Championships and the World Championship. In this match, the team defeated the team and the final team with the team who won the third and fourth confrontation and the team won the fourth seed.

If the World Championship Attentions Assigned to the LACK follow the existing way without changing the method. 1, Except for the seed entry, the top four teams participate in the top four teams, and the final winner enters the World Championships 3 times in the three-way.

2022 Spring only 5 days of regular league 1,2 rounds

2022 LACK Spring only one regular league is held at 5 days (a few days) of 1,2 rounds. Typically, LACK operated the first round of the regular league from Wednesday to Sunday from Wednesday to Sunday, and the second round has been running on Thursday from Thursday to Sunday from Thursday,

This year’s LACK Spring regular league, is the 5th of the week, because of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. decided to proceed as compressed as possible to ensure local preliminary preparation time as an Asian game formal stock.

In addition, we reflected the various modifications and complementary needs identified in the operation process this year. The 2022 LACK regulatory house can be downloaded from the homepage.

Meanwhile, 2022 LACK Springs will open on January 12, 5:00 pm on the game between DR and rib sandboxes, 2 games T1 and Guangdong PRI.