One of the most striking points of multiverses, the Super Smash Bros. of Warner Bros., are all the properties that will be present. From Shaggy, passing through Batman, to Gandalf. However, many wonders if we will see a character of Mortal Kombat. Fortunately, It seems that developers have good news about it.

Recently, Tony Hugh, co-founder of Player1Stgames and director of multiverses, shared a tweet where he asked him which character of Mort emo Combat wishes the public to see in this title. While the participation of this series was not confirmed, it seems that this is something that is currently in mind. This was what was commented about:

I’m definitely not saying that it will happen, but if you had to choose 2 MK characters to join multiverses What would you choose?

MultiVersus - Developer Asks Community for Mortal Kombat Character Requests?!
Recall that Nether realm, those responsible for Mortal Kombat, are part of Warner Bros., So the chances of seeing sub-zero or scorpion in Multiverses are real. On related topics, here you can check more about this expected title by the community of players.