MOST VIEWED Grand Theft Auto V GTA Clips of the Week #1 (January 2021)
MC at (born May 22, 1967, according to have data 1971, in Compton, California; Nourish Aaron Tyler) is an American rapper and is taken into consideration representative of Category Gangsta-Rap and also West coast hip-hop, as well as at the beginning of his profession of the G-radio. He belongs to the group Compton’s A lot of Desired and additionally referred to as Tony Small. In the movie Hazard II Culture he played the figure of the A-WAX.

Which games were most on the streaming platform this year, the provider has determined streaming element. In second place is therefore with 2.1 billion-shaped hours that developed by Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V. A game that now has a considerable eight years on the hump! Only the chatting category Just Chatting has reached 3.1 billion more hours than GTA V and is thus in place 1. Of course, does not count as a single game. The Games League of Legends (1.8bn) and Fortnite (1 billion) occupy the places three and four and are located directly behind GTA V. The popular sandbox game Minecraft lands with 880 million shots of the sixth place. Most built categories in hours in 2021 1. Just Chatting 2. Grand Theft Auto V 3. League of Legends 4. Fortnite 5. Valorant 6. Minecraft 7. Call of Duty: War zone 8. Counter Strike: Global Offensive 9. Apex Legends 10. Data 2