Since the very beginning, video games have been a major social force, as well as a form of entertainment. They made us question the reality, challenged us to be better people and even learn about ourselves. But sometimes there are games that repel the limits they exceed the limit of what is acceptable. In order to be noticed or selling units, they repel the limits of decency so much in some cases they are even completely prohibited. Let’s take a look at five games that went too far.

In 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 aroused a lot of indignation among players and game developers. You play a CIA agent who participates in a terrorist massacre in a Russian airport to gain the confidence of a terrorist leader named Vladimir Makarios. It is a graphic scene illustrating the mass murder of innocent civilians, and as a player, you are the one who helps to realize it. To be fair, you had the opportunity to skip the scene, and you could technically play the scene without shooting anyone if you wanted it. But all the same, the scene No Russian (so named because this order is pronounced just before the start of the shoot) will remain as an excellent example of a game taking a shock value a little too far for some.

In 1997, Stainless Software developers had the idea of ​​a way to make more advertising for the race game on which they were working: add the passage to pedestrians. For points. It was a specially designed strategy to attract controversy, and it worked. The game has sold up, passing nearly 2 million units in total. And it was not really a horrible game, getting positive notes from a number of game reviews. But still, some could not simply go beyond his nasty and morally debatable gameplay of the vehicle, and the game has been censured in some countries and even forbidden in others. Despite all the controversy, ARMAGEDDON has become a long-term series, with the last restart, ARMAGEDDON: Reincarnation also recently falling until 2015.

Speaking of a game that deliberately searches for controversy, Custer’s Revenge may be the most tasteless and urgent of all. Released in 1982 for the Atari Console 2600, this little laid game put you in the boots (and only the boots of a general George Custer naked, while he walked on the screen, dodging the arrows to be able to attack sexually indigenous tied up. Women. And that’s all. This is the game. It was an idea designed to attract attention, and it unfortunately resulted in big sales for the game. That is to say until it is removed from the shelves after A storm of protest from everyone. Combining a frightful racism, sexism and a simply mediocre game design, all in a small offensive package, Custer’s Revenge was an early spot on the game industry that we still remember with the thrills of the players so far.

One of the great games of all time, GTA V was a brilliant parody of many modern excesses and that of course included excessive violence. But a mission, By The Book, stood out like going too far. In this document, Trevor brutally torture a man for information for the mission. It electrocutes it, strikes it with a wrench, wet and even teeth the poor man with pliers. Even according to the Standards of GTA, this mission was a brutal sadism exercise and perhaps even nauseating. Some points of sale felt that it pushed [Ed] the limits of taste and cynically presented the horrible scene as if it were supposed to be funny. To top it off, just like the No Russian mission mentioned above, the player has been put in the role of actively conducting Trevor’s actions during the torture sequence. By The Book represents once GTA may have pushed its nihilist violence signature a little too far for some.

A series of games that has, inexpensively, generated many suites, postal is an isometric shooting game in which you (as postal dude ) must kill as many civilians as possible. In 2012, Postal 3 brought a new wave of blind violence combined with poor levels, terrible dialogue and regular plant ages. Our own Paul Sullivan, who came to the game with an open mind, found that Postal 3 was unpleasant and a game you should avoid. Other criticisms agreed. But let’s face it: it has never been supposed to be a good game. It was intended to attract a lot of attention and sell units. However, it was once it did not work — in just a few months, the developers removed the game from their store and admitted that postal 3 was not a good game. There was now A new postal payment for a while, but postal Redux remaster the original classic in 2016. Who knows, we will see perhaps postal Dude in the future.

Well, that’s all for this series of video games that pushed things a little too far. What do you think? Is there a match we missed? Were we unfair to one of the games of our list?

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