Pixel Co., Ltd. is a new work RPG for cross-platform RPG Gran Saga, and a Costume Design Contest is recruited from the game costume design of the Playable Character Coo, 16 o’clock today. It was held from the beginning of Grand Saga that Christmas events were being held.

Pixel Co., Ltd. is a new work RPG for cross-platform RPG Gran Saga (Operation: Gameplay Co., Ltd.) is an official Twitter account, and it is recruited from the game costume design of the Playable Character Coo from the user, We held costume design contest from 16:00 today! Also, in Gran Saga, Christmas events are being held! We carry out limited costumes, Grandson, and cute story events, so please join us!

Your design costume is implemented in the game!

From 16:00 on Thursday, December 16th, we held a costume design contest at Grand Saga Official Twitter!
This theme is CPU’s Costume Customer Recruitment. Winners will be available in the game, and a luxurious prize such as a prize of 100,000 yen, which can be used in the game!
Please check the official Twitter (https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg) for details.

▲ Design your favorite costume! The award-winning work is in-game implementation! ?

Event Overview

  1. Coos modeling material DL, the theme Costumes wanted to wear crews! ! Please create a work (illustration) according to.

Modeling Material: HTTPS: //drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1gieogihe oxok3cgcxvbsfjrieererxqp5
Application Guidelines: HTTPS: //drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1beuuu0hyclvm4z1mrjo-79v6nqtrdwmsbq

  1. Post the specified tag and post it to Twitter.
    Designated tag: Dena Grand Gran Saga

  2. Please follow our Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg).

Holding period

202-12 / 16 (Thu) 16:00 to 202/1/15 (Sat) 23:59

Award prize

Best award: 1 person
Prize money: 100,000 yen
Excellence Award: 3 people
Prizes: 5,000 diamonds
※ We may use it in our official SNS, and advertising regardless of the presence or absence of all awards.

Christmas event Snow falling city Canada is being held!

Gran Saga has held Christmas events Snow-falling city Canada until 4:00 on December 28 (Tuesday).
The cute costume of the characters and the story event unique to Christmas are being implemented!

▲ [Gran Saga] Snow falling city Raggedier Christmas event is held! (https://youtu.be/qizn19gzaig)

グ ラ ラ ラ ラ ラ ラ シ ャ ガ キャ クリ クリ クリ クリ!

GRAN SAGA Android Gameplay Walkthrough on Ultra Graphics #1

▲ 事 A case at holy night! ? Please take a look at the cute story of the curtain!

In addition, the Grand Weapon Rosalie and Chico of the event limited appeared! This is also a production that uses skills to feel the visits of Christmas…!

▲ gran Saga Christmas Weapon Rosalie Chico introduction! (https://youtu.be/jjtjtfxx0as)

Please take a look at the Gran Saga world that has been dyed in Christmas.

Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work compatible with a cross-platform depicted by the highest quality.
Based on the RPG of the royal road, it is a game that is loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yukon Pirogi, Full Voice Story by Sakai Overlooking Voice Actor, in the game BGM, Shimmer Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for All Music Production, Team Amino, Gran Saga’s theme song Kafka is handed by RADIUS completely.
In addition, the original animation by Nakamura Doha and the official Ambassador of Gran Saga will be delivered with the highest story of the story that focused on Friends by Mr. Touch Nob Aka and Mr. Kongo Nob Aka and Mr. Kane Nob Akira at the official Ambassador of Grand Saga. It is.
In addition, we started providing Gran Saga PC emulator beta version from November 26, 2021 (Fri).

◆ Official site
◆ Official Twitter
https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg
◆ Official YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/channel/uct1sxdhfgdrg8dduwg5bghg?sub confirmation=1

Game information

Title: Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) Genre: Soul Development: Pixel Operation Co., Ltd. Gameplay Platform Co., Ltd.: IOS / Android / PC Price: Basic Free (Some Billing) © 2021 Pixel Co., LTD. & Gameplay Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.