Grand Burglary Automobile (usually abbreviated as GTA, DT. For instance, heavy car theft ) is a video game collection of the United States Author Rockstar Games. The titles of the series are action-adventure games with auto racing and third-person shooter components and have an open-world video game concept. The name is obtained to the US infraction of heavy automobile theft (English Grand Theft Vehicle ). In 1997, the very first component of the collection was developed from Scottish Programmer Studio Rock star North (up until 2001 MA Style). With sales of about 300 million duplicates, the collection is among the most effective video game collection as well as the best-selling video game collection on the PlayStation 2. All parts of the series have an equivalent act upon, in which generally a male lead character with a criminal prehistory in an American city a criminal profession. For this he can approve orders with various intricacy and trouble whose fulfillment leads to additional calls at greater degrees of the criminal pecking order. Along with these main orders, the player can take a number of voluntary added tasks. These generally do not continue the main action, but award the gamer with cash, tools or comparable useful benefits.
Grand Burglary cars and truck is characterized by fantastic flexibility of motion within the make believe globe. Action and also optical presentation are commonly shaped to satirical-humorous. On top of that, in the kind of radio stations, a huge music arsenal can be used, in addition to lots of extra for the games, particularly GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) produced computer animated movies, which are visible in cinemas, which contribute considerably to the atmospheric design of the game.
Because of the criminal and also partly violent acts received the series as well as the often cliché depiction of ethnic groupings, the games of the regularly remain in objection.

The physical disk version of GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition will finally appear after a small shift this week for PlayStation and Xbox. From the 17th of December, so this Friday, you can also buy the collection on disks.

Some GTA fans should have been waiting for, because Rockstar Games usually have not only a chic boxing style, but also come with a map of the game world in the case of Open World Games. The GTA trilogy, however, occurs here in the next busts.

No physical card for the GTA Trilogy

Some fans have already reached a retail box of the GTA Trilogy Remaster. A video on Reddit shows what expects you when opening: the Blu-ray disc with the games — and otherwise yawning emptiness. There are no great surprise today, but many open-world games, especially from the format of a GTA, come nowadays, come with a map of the game world. But the GTA Trilogy was also saved on this corner.

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That’s why this is a surprise: Rock star is actually known to pack a physical map in the retail boxes of your Open World Games. This can be viewed during installation, hanging on the wall or laying beside when gambling so as not to constantly open the in-game map. Basically, it’s just a nice feeling to keep something in your hand. Now the studio breaks with her own custom.

What is behind it? Why Rock star has renounced the map, we can only speculate. One reason could be that the GTA Trilogy contains three games that all had to get their own card.

Perhaps the responsible persons also think that there is no great interest in such side dishes in the community — but the comments demonstrated disappointed fans on Reddit the opposite. Ultimately, it’s easy to get money, and the missing card fits in the already bad picture that gives up the collection.

In the trailer you can see what the Remasters have to offer:

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Switch version contains even less

Disks also usually require a patch so that they are playable at all. Without a side dish like the card, there is hardly a reason to access the retail version up to the resale value. However, the switch version of the GTA Trilogy shows that it is even worse. The Cartridge, which will only appear in early 2022, probably does not contain all three games of the trilogy. So make yourself on a big download.

Rockstar CAUGHT LYING About GTA Trilogy Patches And Updates!

GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Do you catch the retail version of the GTA trilogy despite the missing map?