According to Emilio Garcia Silver one is in the final phase. The FIFA Council will change next month say goodbye, the FIFA legal director said at a media round in which the mediators experts of the World Federation, Luis Villas-Boas Fires (Head of agents) and James Pitching (Director football regulations) assessment of the current statistics indicated. This project is not directed against the agents, there is more transparency and professionalism in the system, Garcia Silver said. The proposed limit for commissions are the only aspect in which some brokers do not agree with our proposals. The EU has recently given the green light, also German courts blared two applications for injunction lack Eilbedarf from (the FIFA Council) reported. In particular, the Swiss association The Football Forum to sit in the board industry giants such as Minor Rail, Jorge Mendes, Jonathan Barnett and Roger Pittman, making mood against the planned reform of FIFA.

spending slightly higher than last year

The faces of the latest survey confirmed in their approach, almost prompted to regulate an industry unleashed stronger. After the all-time high of 580.3 million in 2019, the expenditure was in 2020 due to the pandemic rapidly dropped to 440.9 million, now they are with 443.9 million slightly higher. And although the transfer fees fell for the second year in a row, this time by 13.9 percent to 23.4 percent even Anna 2020. That means: During the pandemic apparently further has a strong regulatory influence on the exchange market, the consulting fees to consolidate. Proportionately considered so that the commissions actually increased. This also fits the testimony of Villas-Boas to abusive practices that wants to contain the FIFA: We have examples in which the agent for change more money receives as the player to pay the new club.

In fact, even more than 443.9 million euros

Among the raw numbers: In fact, even flowed much more than 443.9 million euros in the pockets of consultants, as the statistics of the World Federation only the international and not national exchange, i.e. transfers within a country recognized. While usually wealthier buyers — oligarchen- keyword and states funded clubs — have re-invested 11.6 percent more in dealer with 323.5 million the amount of advisor commissions fell from donating associations by 20.3 percent (120.4 million). This suggests that a small elite rather spends carefree money while saving needs the majority of the clubs on. With 118.2 million in commissions England leads the Nations Cup before Germany, which is four (56.7 million) shot in the face of repeated lamentations about the financial situation quite surprising of rank two with 74.7 million euros in commissions in 2021. Third is Italy (65.2 million). The other top European nations give here more economical (SPA: 30.9; FRA: 26.9 POR: 26.0).

German clubs lead Wegvermittlungen

Engage Church Consultants

Especially English clubs to be represented on the purchase of intermediaries, that was in 36.1 percent of cases on the island that way. Followed by Italy (35.5 per cent) and Wales (25.9). Germany ranks here in fifth place (25.3). For this, the clubs are from the Federal Republic at the forefront when it comes to so-called Wegvermittlung. With 15 percent of departures, the German club of consultants is represented. 95 million euros went free transfer free transfers to intermediaries in the course. Especially professionals from smaller nations pay in a transfer business their own consultants, Norway (47.4 percent), Jamaica (40.0) and Denmark (39.5) lead here, the top five leagues in Europe one seeks in these statistics at the top of vain, as well as Brazil and Russia. Often left players commission payment the clubs, which raises the question of conflicts of interest. First, because many professionals should not go up, how much money goes for a brokerage service. Secondly, because this involves the risk of collusion to the detriment of the footballer. Have increased significantly payments to intermediaries in women’s football of 71,000 euros (2018) about 237,560 (2019) and 395,340 (2020) to 399,770 in 2021, and they move in comparison to the men to extremely low levels.