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Dead Silence has long been used by Call of Duty: War zone players looking for an advantage in tense fights. The field upgrade removes the noise of your steps and makes you faster, so you can flank enemies with ease or enter noiselessly in buildings. However, the upgrade is controversial, and in the attempt to improve competitive conditions, Raven software improves it for the 1st season of War zone Pacific.

Previously, the Dead Silence Upgrade was updated after each kill — so you can use unlimited when you were an experienced player who quickly achieved kills. However, in new changes that have been announced before the start of War zone Pacific Season 1, Dead Silence is now updated only after the first kill — and that’s it.

You can still sweep the field upgrade from the ground and boxes, but you will be able to use much less this season. Raven has not only reduced its effectiveness, but also reduces his drop rate to provide fair and realized counterparts options.

But that’s not everything that has changed Raven software — several other field upgrades and equipment were obtained in the latest Klebenoteletter.

Stopping Power has been completely removed from the game and the gas mask animation has been optimized so that it is only triggered if your actions are completed for recharging / inserting armor plates / grenades.


Raven previously sounded a great change of equipment, and the latest patches show that the studio has made no jokes. The damage to Claymore, Ask, Molotov, Proximity, Semtex and Throwing Knife has been significantly increased, making lethal equipment in combat. The tactics also did everything, but this is slightly more mixed in terms of changes.

The bait grenade now fires rubber car posses, which can make enemies for a hit point, the heartbeat sensor receives a Nerf, since its pulse time has been increased from three to six seconds, the recognition radius of the snapshot grenade was increased by 14 meters, the stem becomes only a movement thrust from three seconds, and the stunning effect can be obtained with stunning grenades

While the above-mentioned changes may seem relatively simple for the average player, they will have a great influence on the War zone meta and the approach of people to every single game. Paired with the new weapons that find their way to the 1st season of War zone Pacific, it looks as if our list of the best War zone weapons will change.

Regardless, it is an exciting time to be a war zone fan, and the new season is becoming the best — and most competitive — so far.