Dimitrios Grammars is fine again. I feel fit, he said on Thursday. Nevertheless, the coach against the 1st FC Nuremberg on Friday (6.30 pm, live! At Friday) will not be able to sit back on the coach bank on Friday (18.30. Because: I made a PCR test again before yesterday, unfortunately, it was positive again.

As at 1: 2 against FC St. Pauli, the coach will keep contact with his coaching staff by mobile phone. I am nobody who writes a message every 15 seconds, says Grammars and emphasizes that he and his team are on the same wavelength in decisions.

It’s nothing serious, he just does not feel fit enough.

Dimitrios Grammars About Busters Health Condition

A use of Marius Butler can not consider Grammars and Co. this time. The striker had felt in the previous week, his blood levels have not yet improved this week. Also, on advice of a cardiologist should expose Butler against Nuremberg, with Grammars stressed that with a view of Busters health basically no reason to worry: It is nothing serious, he just does not feel fit enough. At the beginning of next week, Butler should join parts of the training again.

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Hurling New side man from Pie ringer?

Schalke is probably again two peaks despite the failures of Butler and Simon Eroded (muscle injury). Possible that the secondary man of Marvin Pie ringer this time is called Dark Hurling. The offensive player is again operational after his shoulder injury, as well as Florian Flick and Yaroslavl Mikhail. Meanwhile, it is questionable whether Dominick Dealer can be there — the midfielder plagues muscular problems.

After Guido Burgs taller has hurt the Schaller on the past weekend with his two goals for St. Pauli powerful, the royal blue against Nuremberg must now be careful on Johannes Gas. The ex-Schalke is the fixed point in the game of franc, says Grammars. He always finds good solutions with the ball at the foot, one must not give him too much room. And: He is strong even with standards. We have to try to avoid freezing in dangerous positions.