Patch 9.2 If the endless Toughest tower is a bit out of focus of the players, since in the future, you are no longer necessarily forced to attend the torture chamber of the Charter Master. The resource, with which you edit your Legendary’s upcoming update, can also be earned in other ways. Nevertheless, some Toughest will also want to pay in patch 9.2 one or the other visit.

There is a new game mode — including new rewards.

Spit Routing of the Chairman — The Boss Only Mode

The new spit rod resembles the principle of winding corridors and thus in some Toughest, as it was in front of the many adjustments. In eight different levels of playable, eight corridors are waiting for you and to the conclusion you may bite a maximum of five times into the grass, because otherwise the Barrage makes hell hot. Although he actually liked the sacrifice to us in the Sanctum of the rule — which developers here are easy.
As in all other Toughest modes, you have to go back through the levels. Source: Charter Master The biggest difference to the actual Toughest wings is located in the individual floors. For in the spitting race of the Charter Master, you do not play a normal level, but only gets to do with the boss floors. Instead of sneaking between the bosses again and again through large areas with slush-bonded to teat, you clap in the new mode a boss after another — and sometimes several suddenly.

Faster gameplay — no frills

Since a boss floor is usually closed much faster than a normal floor, you need a lot less time for a complete level. Long-breathable passages full of opponents, which you just encrypt stupid, completely eliminates. What is left are only the relatively crisp and quite demanding boss fights. Incidentally, the bosses and floors, which are otherwise only in the adamant vault, are also the bosses and floors.

Who concludes Level 8, who is allowed to look forward to a new render. Source: Charter Master unnecessary BEI union, with which not only the trash is meant, quite away. No mobs, no puzzles, no quests, no falling. Phantasma ears you at the conclusion of each area and your Anima bonuses you get from the frying bosses as well as at the end of a floor. As a dealer is waiting for each boss, you will quickly get rid of the phantasm.

In order to increase the challenge a bit, and thus a lot of variety comes to the fighting, you straighten out for several bosses at the same time. Let’s wait directly two bosses on you, sometimes additional bosses appear in the course of the fight over a portal. Depending on the combination that seems quite random, that can also be pretty crisp. As so often in Toughest, however, it helps if you are traveling with a group. The bonuses from the box of countless things will not help you here — they have no effect on the spit rod.

Mount, Pet, title, toys — the rewards

Similar to the winding corridors, there are also on level 2, 4, 6 and 8 rewards for you to dust.

on level 2 waits the pet: lightless torcher
On Level 4, the toy is waiting: dominated relaxation
On level 6, the title is waiting: Spitrutenrufer
On Level 8 Waiting the Riding: Colossal Black Claw Cloning Rat

Even after level 2 there is a pretty combat pet. Source: Charter Master Apart from this, it is currently on the PTR so that the bosses drop the usual rewards. So you can also use other PETS or toys that are available in Toughest. And for the conclusion you currently get souls and soul gut. Whether that will be the same on the live server as well, let it go.

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How do you like such game mode? Good, because Trash is superfluous anyway — or rather, because only bosses is a bit boring?.

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