Kolyma Productions is looking for job advertisements on the own website of the studio of travels, authors, level designers, project managers and more. Exactly recognizable is not what it is in the new project, but as the only note you could remove from vacancies, the formulation is high-end projects, which appears in many of the offers.

So what could be a high-end project? Rumors are circulating that Kolyma works with Xbox on a title that uses Microsoft’s cloud technology, but there is no official confirmation. A recent teaser posted on Twitter caused the assumption that the studio could work with Norman Reeds.

Something that is 100 percent states is the fact that Video Kolyma dips into the world of films after opening a new office of Kolyma Productions in Los Angeles. In a statement of the boss of the new team, Riley Russell, it says:

Conan Visits The Offices Of

The team has set itself the goal of increasing the range and the awareness of the title at Kolyma Productions and to make them an even greater part of our popular culture.