PS5 owners can be pleased to dive into the virtual world of the films with The Matrix Awakens.

18 years after completing the original matrix trilogy, Keane Reeves return as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity. From the 23rd of December, The Matrix Resurrections will be visible in German cinemas. The fourth film is not a reboot, but attaches to the events of Matrix Revolutions. Now that does not apply as a masterpiece of film history and Lana Wazowski has proven several times together with her sister Lilly, that she had already reached its zenith with the first matrix strip. Everything that came after that could barely inspire anyone. The expectations of The Matrix Resurrections are accordingly low. The comeback of the brand should still be big and will probably include not only the movie, but also an interactive experience called the Matrix Awakens.

New Matrix Game Leaked - Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Experience

On Reddit, a user named The And shrew has made aware of having found something with this name in the backend of the PlayStation Network. He has posted a link that leads to a suitable picture. The URL reveals: this is actually something that comes from the PlayStation website.

There is no more information about The Matrix Awakens. We only know: It comes anything for the PlayStation 5 built in the Unreal Engine 5 of Epic Games. Since there is talk of an experience, it is not about to assume that it is a full game. Our theory: The whole will be a small interactive demo that leads you to the matrix and serves as advertising for The Matrix Resurrections. Therefore, we also assume that The Matrix Awakens will be free. Whether we are right, we will find out in the course of the remaining three weeks to the theatrical release.