Suppose Pokémon had the face of Dwayne The Rock Johnson?

The inscrutable mind behind the Mypokeprints Instagram account recently asked and, unfortunately, addressed this inquiry, with results as horrible as you’d expect. We can’t bear the problem of this knowledge alone.

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It’s difficult to choose the most terrifying creature among these, one of the most literal Rock-type Pokémon of perpetuity. Commander is arguably the least disturbing because its head as well as neck have roughly the very same silhouette customarily. And while we’ve taken psychic damage from the simple view of Rock, years of parody anime and fan art showing the famous electrical rat as some Wacked-out beefcake has actually desensitized us to things similar to this.

On representation, it’s reached be the Rocket. Is this what we obtain after asking for a Rock-type Evolution for all those years– the job of some twisted ape’s paw? That’s concerning the only explanation we can generate for this crime against mankind– and also Pokémon, for that matter.

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The most awful (finest) component is that these are all complete 3D blueprints all set to be published through Thingies, a hub for all points electronically designed. There’s also a bonus offer design for a Rock-Geodude. It’s feasible– most likely, also, given the state of this timeline– that they’re being published as we speak. Someplace there are printing enthusiasts raising scares ideal hidden from spun plastic. May future chroniclers make sense of the cause and effect that started with a young Dwayne Johnson locating popularity and led to… this, since we can not.