BIDOOF IS THE BEST POKEMON IN BDSP! (Literally) (Not Clickbait)
This write-up is dedicated to the implementations of the Pokémon role-playing video games of Nintendo for television as well as the cinema. The series and movie theater films are computer animated by OLD.

This year has been important for Bidaily, and the Pokémon is getting even more attention thanks to a new Mono poster! Launched on December 1 at 11 am CT, silkscreen with official license offers an impressive design of artist Matt Taylor. With a size of 18 «x 24», the impression will cost $50 and is expected to be sent at some point April 2022. For those who lost the previous design of Bidaily of Mono, this should be an excellent option. The poster puts the Pokémon in front and downtown while splashing in the water with a big smile on his face!

Readers can check by themselves the new and magnificent impression of Mono on the Tweet embedded below. You can find more information on the Mono website right here.

The Pokémon Company celebrated the day of Bidaily in July, offering the aforementioned Mono poster, as well as related content in Pokémon GO, Pokémon Center merchandise, and even a parody of Rick Ashley (yes, really). In addition to this, the normal rate has been the object of great attention over 2021. Bidaily made a memorable appearance in New complement to Pokémon, and played an important role in Pokémon brilliant diamond and glossy pearl. Bidaily has never been one of the largest stars in the franchise, but that is clearly changing this year! The Pokémon has an endearing quality, and it is always fun to see a different character have the opportunity to be the center of attention!

Bidaily appeared for the first time in Pokemon diamond and pearl. The fourth generation of Pokémon games debuted in Nintendo DS in 2006 and quickly found a base of passionate fanatics. The Pokémon Company started 2021 with the revelation that Diamanté and pearl would be reviewed through a faithful remake (brightness and brilliant pearl) and a new bold direction ( Pokémon legends: Areas ). Brightness and bright pearl launched earlier this month, but lands: Areas will not be launched until January. For fans of Bidaily, that means that the great year of Pokémon is far from finishing!

Do you plan to order the new Bidaily Poster of Mono? Did you stay with the design that was offered in July? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!