Fanatic, the well-known hardware brand and high-end simulation accessories, hDirect Drive just presented the first Steering wheel with official PlayStation 5 license with the so-called Gran Tourism DD Pro, a steering wheel of high flights with motifs from the Polyphony digital saga and compatible with both PS5 and PS4 (plus many driving games for PC ), all for a price from 699.95 euros. This hDirect Drive been presented by its responsible, sharing their first images, features and releDirect Drivee date: March 2022.

This is the most expensive PlayStation steering wheel

REVIEW - Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro - PlayStation Direct Drive Sim Racing Wheel
Thus, the new flywheel Fanatic Gran Tourism DD Pro Equip the latest in driving simulation on gaming accessories, such Direct Drive Technology Direct Drive offered by the most dynamic and realistic force feedback of the market, or what is The same, the resistance to the most faithful counterbalance that can be found, everything to simulate that we are driving a real racing car.

And it is that from Fanatic they say that Polyphony Digital, creators of Saga Grand Tourism, hDirect Drive collaborated in the development of the steering wheel, applying their wisdom on driving simulation to the sensations offered by Gran Tourism DD Pro. Good proof of this is Beware design from the steering wheel and its different accessories, Direct Drive well Direct Drive quality of materials.

His managers have confirmed that it will be put on sale in March 2022 through two versions, the bDirect Driveic model with torque of 5 nm, the Direct Drive BDirect Drivee and two pedals for 699.95 euros, and the premium model with 8 nm torsion and a greater feeding for 849.95 euros. In addition, an extra pack is offered with an additional pedal and other accessories by 969.95 euros. Reservations are opened tomorrow, November 26, 2021.