Ultras Gala On Tour - Marseille Away

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When Le Plastique (German of the standards, additionally called Derby de France or Le Classic), the Derby will certainly be from the French football clubs Paris Saint-Germain (brief: PSG or Paris SG) from the funding Paris as well as Olympic Marseille (brief: OM) The southern port city of Marseille on the Mediterranean. The name leans against the duels of both Spanish Top clubs Real Madrid and also the FC Barcelona, who put on the name of El Clásico.

In a sporty, it was a spectacular event between Galatasaray Istanbul and Olympic Marseille. The Turks won 4: 2, lead the group and on the last match day, a draw against Radio Rome is a draw for the move to the second round.

But as in the first leg (0: 0), when the game in Marseille had to be interrupted due to numerous thrown firecrackers, the fans had negatively impeded: in the 36th minute Colder and Guam took each other, in the episode thread numerous pendants of the home team mug and lighters on the field.

Players and coaches of the lions tried in vain to calm the spectators, the German referee Tobias Staider had to load the players of Marseille in the first half of the corner flag, before it could continue after a short break. In the second round, the viewers curled — the more offered in the square.

Last weekend, the Ligue 1 lot of OM was broken down after a few minutes later, as Captain Payer had got a bottle to his head. Against Galatasaray, Payer lacked because of a Yellowstone.