In stadium football, replay review is a method of evaluating a play utilizing electronic cameras at various angles to establish the precision of the preliminary call of the officials. An instant replay can happen in case of a close or otherwise controversial phone call, either at the demand of a group’s head train (with restrictions) or the officials themselves.
Replay evaluations are used in some senior high school video games, as well as also for many video games at the college level and over. Prior to the 2019 season, the National Federation of State Secondary School Associations (NFHS), which develops the rules for many senior high school and youth organizations in the USA (though except Texas secondary schools), did not allow replay testimonials even when the devices exist to make it possible for the technique. Efficient in 2019, NFHS provided its participant organizations the option to allow replay testimonial, but only in postseason video games. In those leagues that make use of replay testimonials, there are constraints on what kinds of plays can be reviewed. As a whole, many penalty calls or lack thereof can not be reviewed, nor can a play that is whistled dead by the authorities before the play might concern its rightful end.
American as well as Canadian football leagues vary in their application as well as use instant replay review.

A premature winter break, such as in Bavaria, will not exist in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. At least not at the state level. The State Football Association (LFO) has decided to continue the game operation on the principle of voluntaries. With a lead time of 48 hours — with the current Friday games, this period is shortened to 24 hours — can a club cancel a game if it can not ensure compliance with the applicable state Corona specifications.

Where 2G (vaccinated or geneses) and where 2G + (additionally tested) is based on the warning level in the respective district, depending on the hospitalization incidence (Corona-conditioned hospital consumes per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days), the infection incidence (Corona- Infections each 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days) and the utilization of intensive care stations. For duels between teams from different counties, the higher warning level is crucial. Overall, the state government has agreed on four warning levels, from green (3G) to red (2G +), which is particularly relevant when using the interiors, i.e. the dressing rooms. According to LFO, no restrictions is provided for the outdoor area during the actual training or game itself until the highest warning level 4 (red).


Virus influences game operation throughout Germany

Amateur ball in the Corona Pandemic

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The pandemic hit the amateur football hard. Two seasons already fell victim to the Coronavirus.

In the fall of 2021, the next infection wave rolled

The associations are part of major problems

Game operation: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern relies on voluntaries

Absolute state of emergency: The amateur football in the Corona crisis

For viewers, it is important to be played from level 4 (red) excluding the public, with level 2 (yellow) 2G, at level 3 (orange) 2G +. Including the active in every warning level, a maximum of 600 people may attend a maximum of 600 people, provided there are no exemption permits of the local authorities.

For the six circles, the principle of voluntaries is also considered a recommendation, but they have the right to meet other regulations. The ability to cancel a game is also available to all youth teams, regardless of the derogation for under 18-year-old.

Respect for both sides

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LFO President Joachim Masuch explains in a message why his association has sent the clubs not to premature winter break: We advocate as a state football association’s maintenance of the game operation. The new prescription situation allows for the amateur football at the fresh air. Nevertheless, Masuch says, However, we also respect the peculiarities that can prevent associations or teams with regard to their own situation and current political decisions, participate regularly at the game mode. This is therefore tolerated without further sanctions.

Operation Veritable (NL)

Managing Director Sebastian Borowski supplements: There should be a disadvantage based on the short-term restrictions on the basis of the short-term restrictions. That was a clear provision, which is also fulfilled with the voluntary continuation.