The start of the events Secrets of the Pacific is delayed: SLED HAMMER GAMES has withdrawn an update published on the eve. After the patch activation yesterday at 19 o’clock numerous player reports appeared, according to which Vanguard suddenly crashes platform independent and in all game modes. We examine large-scale crash problems in Vanguard, said Sledgehammer Games on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, the developers reported deactivating the event to first disable the securities of the Pacific. The In game event remains offline until the solution of the problem.

The temporally limited event developed by Been ox comes with special challenges for Vanguard and War zone. Both games each receive individual tasks and rewards. For example, it’s about Verdant to find special Pacific artifacts — and to protect. As soon as you have completed one of the challenges, you will receive extra insights into the Pacific Card, which is in December for Call of Duty War zone — and replaced Verdant. For example, you get a preview after 25 eliminations and after ten MVP votes in multiplayer mode. If you exclude all challenges, also beckons a new arms plan.

The current playlists are at Call of Duty Vanguard (Buy Now €59.99), on the other hand. A return celebrates the house-shipment list, where you play 24/7 the house as well as shipment in the Mode Team Deathwatch and Rule. In addition, you are currently leaving faster: In Vanguard, 2XP tokens are currently active, including rank and weapons.

Sledgehammer Games Just Took Vanguard Offline
From David Martin

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25.11.2021 at 09:53