If you want to offer your Battlefield 2042 team supportive fire protection coverage, there is only a real weapon for this job: the PKP-BP, also known as PKP Perched machine gun.

This Russian LEG can fire up to 800 shots per minute and is therefore one of the most deadly supporting weapons in the game. While the CMG in our best Battlefield 2042 guns is not entirely on the post — something we have put together after our Battlefield 2042 review — is the Best PKP-BP Battlefield 2042 PC player 24 becomes the hearts Move your enemies into fear and terror.

This is because this build, which we will fully explain in the following, used the best parts of the weapon, which in turn are reinforced by a particular set of essays and devices. If you want to have fun with a weapon of the old school fun on the battlefield, read on — we have the build for you.

Best PKP BP Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24

Fusion Hold
High-power / expanded
Factory brackets
Champion muzzle brake

The PKP-BP is the ultimate support cannon — it has a high fire rate, large magazines and a high level of damage. How to create the best PKP BP Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24:

For the sight we recommend the Fusion Hold. It is the holographic visor, which in our opinion offers the clearest point of view, which is a must if you empty your magazine into a lens. As a secondary visor, the Bravo 3x helps you sharpen destinations from afar.

For your ammunition, the high-power / extended magazine is a must — there is 200 shot to play at any time as well as balls that let your enemies catch up. As a second option for your Plus menu, the armor penetration rounds are a good option if they are overrun by hovercrafts.

The PKP-BP has only one underflow option — the Factory Mounts, so stay with this. As for the run, we would decide for the Champion Muzzle Brake, which helps you in your vertical recoil control.

Best PKP-BP Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24-Gadget

Do you have difficulty deciding which device you want to couple with the PKP-BP? That’s fine — it’s a hard decision. While you should play what to fit your team, you are sometimes forced to play for this build with a munition skis or proximity sensors.

Best PKP-BP Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 specialist

Since Ripple Effect has hired the class system with this game, you can play with this PC player 24 each of the ten Battlefield 2042 specialists. However, some of these specialists are quite dedicated support staff, and they are perfect for this PKP BP build. These specialists are: Irish, Boris and Angel.

Irish’s Fortification System allows you to set up a store, Boris’ Sentry Gun will soften your enemies for you soft and Angels Trauma Specialist property allows you to quickly revive enemies and give them arms.

So you have it, our best PKP-BP Battlefield 2042 PC player 24 full length. If you are an old support specialist who wants to make a difference in all-out warfare, this is the weapon for you.