Brownies announced that the Sudoku RPG Anglia Rebirth for Nintendo Switches will be delivered on December 16, 2021.

This work has a smartphone app Anglia, a representative of the company, and a work that has significantly enhanced the Nintendo switch. The UI is newly new to controller operations, and it has also strengthened the effect that could not be realized in the smartphone version due to the capacity such as capacity.

In addition, new residents and missions are also added. People who have played in a smartphone version are also available for the selection.

[Below, Call from Release]

■ Anglia Rebirth is great!

The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

Part 1 Change the operability significantly! UI is also new! Game balance for consumers is also re-adjusted!

With changes from touch operation to controller operation, significantly change the interface. It has changed to be able to enjoy the game more intuitively comfortably, and I could take a walk freely. In addition, game balance has also been re-adjusted to be convinced to consumer fans.

Friends who have become rich in the two expressions. And the production is Eggs!

Enhance the facial expression of the Towns fellow! More than a more sunset to the story!

We changed to SWITCH specifications such as exposure of distances and fine gestures that could not be expressed on smartphones. In the town strengthening the production, you can enjoy more tense play during battle.

Part 3 Add many missions that were not included in the smartphone version. New resident too?

Significantly add game volumes to consumerization.
Added approximately 20 new events. Take a walk freely and interact with new residents!

▼ Ellis Series General Director / Character Design Tameka From Tameka

Thank you for waiting! This time, the Brownies original game Ellis REBIRTH was released at Nintendo Switch. While he wanted to release the SWITCH version from the time of the smartphone version he has passed the day of four years, but he had a high degree of completion that the time was open.

As a major improvement point, the player can freely control the protagonist chat like a consumer game, so please run around the town of Era. The user interface has also recently made from the touch operation of the smartphone to the controller operation. The production surface is also large and enhanced. Add face grazing expression in the event scene, add cut-in direction at the point of office, and raise other fine parts.

In terms of internal adjustment, change points, the battle balance, as well as changes such as obtaining items, changes such as event flags, etc., so there is also an event that does not occur even if you play on the smartphone version, as they changed to consumer. To do. As new residents and friends unique to Switch version, they will live in the city, so I think you will help you with adventure and city.

It will be a personal story, but I was able to meet his 30 years this year, involved in the game development. And launch Brownies and rush in his 10th year.

This year, it is a brownie that have been operated as a development company so far as a development company has overlapped.

Bunnys Publish No. 1 and will be 10th Anniversary Works. I have been developing with Please take your hand and play.

Brownies Co., Ltd. Representative Director President Karachi

Nintendo switch Anglia Rebirth is delivered December 16, 2021. Download is a free price, and the price is 2,200 yen (tax included).

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