After extremely changeable years at FC Schalke 04 Christian Handel found his luck back in his birthplace Mainz. On his time in Königsberg, the functional looks surprisingly positive despite violent criticism of his work.

If about the reasons for the crash of FC Schalke, who is now playing in the 2nd Bundesliga, the name is always the name Christian Handel. Between 2016 and 2019, todays 58-year-old, the scarce acted as a luck backs board.

Critics throw Handel to have initiated the decline with unfortunate personnel decisions. The experienced decision-makers defend himself against this depiction.

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We were in 2018 with eight points ahead of Demister, then loosely came through the group stage of the Champions League, had the highest turnover and profit of club history, Handel said in the WAS interview.

The former car dealer continues: But we had five difficult months in the Bundesliga, but also because of an incredible injury, were eleventh — which is not easy to convey to Schalke.

Handel responsible for descent of the FC Schalke? More than far-fetched

Heidel für S04-Abstieg verantwortlich?
The accusation of having left a falling ship almost three years ago, Handel wants to leave himself. In February 2019, I then decided to go from many reasons. One year after my departure, Schalke under David Wagner on a Champions League Square, everything was great. Only then did this began to be severely comprehensible crash, he stressed.

Accordingly, Handel finds the allegation, one of the fathers of the descent. Many responsible, four coaches and countless players went and came. Two and a half years after my Schalkes time the club then got off. Thats why I find it more than far-fetched when there should be people who say that Handel to answer, Castle of the 58-year-old.