The power of each of the positions of League of Legends is a very common debate in the League of Legends community. A discussion that usually points out the medium and jungle roles as the most powerful and in which there are few doubts when it comes to doing otherwise with the shooters. During the past months, the ADC have systematically criticized Riot Games due to a minor relative power than Riot has tried to justify. A situation that was even ridiculed by the community but that, finally, has proven to be justified.

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The end of season 11 gives reason to the shooters

On the occasion of the end of the qualifying items, a small study has been carried out in which players have reviewed the classification of the highest rank of the League of Legends qualifying staircase to try to address which roles have found more facilities or difficulties for Reach the first fifty positions of Challenger. A miniature research that has yielded not too surprising results that place the jungle (23.33%) and medium (22.67%) as the highest positions of the classification.

The distribution, taking into account Europe of the West, North America and Korea is as follows:

Attending to the other great variable that we should take into account (the popularity of each position) we come to the conclusion that jungle, means and support are the positions that find more facilities to upload. All of them are overrepresented, so that its percentage in the high challenger positions exceeds the average of players in the position (you can see the difference between parentheses).

Even according to the margin of error of a statistic like this, the difficulties of the shooter position become apparent. A complaint for a good part of the year could only be based on sensations, but it shows that If Riot Games goal is the tendency to a statistical balance there is a lot of work to do. In fact, the most surprising thing is that the percentage of players who choose a handle as their main position in League of Legends has not been reduced.

Dates created by the community and compared with the Statistics of Leaguepedia. The sum of percentages generates an imprecision of 0.01%