How to Stream Nintendo Switch with NO Capture Card! (Part 1)
After YouTube, twitch moves after more than 4 years and has published an app for the Nintendo Switch. You can download them for free at the Nintendo shop. The software offers many functions, but the user must refrain from an essential feature.

Twitch lands after 4 years on the switch

If you want to consume video content on the switch, you could only resort to the YouTube app. Now a new fellow entrepreneur enters the ring, because now you can install the official twitch app on the switch over the Nintendo shop to ensure the live streams of thousands of streamers.

Hitch app in the Nintendo shop

Alt New: The OLED switch! But for whom pays up the transition to the improved model? We reveal it to you in the video:

Which features do the Twitch app offer?

After you have logged in to the app, you are basically the same functionality available, which you also know from other platforms. So you can immediately recognize which streamer, which is followed by, just has a live broadcast on running and viewing the stream. In addition, you can also lead to the overview pages of the respective streamer and there all information there.

Clips can also be viewed over the app. All functions are available to you both on the large screen in dock mode and mobile in handheld mode.

However, a function of the Twitch app on the switch is not very thoughtful: The use of the chat. To participate in the entertainment during the stream, you must scan a QR code that appears on the screen on the screen with your smartphone. This will take you to the Companion Experience program of the app, which allows you to use the chat via the smartphone. By contrast, you can not participate directly on the chat.

The introduction of the Twitch app for the switch is likely to look forward to many Nintendo fans. But what most players are still waiting to be, should be a Netflix app for the handheld console. Especially after the introduction of the OLED switch would be worthwhile. So far, however, there are no efforts to make the streaming service available for Nintendo s Handheld Console.