Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and also Pokémon Radiating Pearl are 2021 remakes of the 2006 Nintendo DS role-playing computer game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The games are component of the 8th generation of the Pokémon video clip game collection as well as were established by INCA as well as published by Nintendo as well as The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo Change. The video games are established to be launched on 19 November 2021. They were revealed as part of the Pokémon 25th Anniversary event, alongside Pokémon Legends: Areas. They are the initial primary Pokémon games not to be created by Game Freak.

Pokémon fans have been a remake of Diamante and Perl for a felt eternity, after all, the fourth generation is one of the most popular Game Freak-RPGs due to the varied world of Singh. With radiant diamond and luminous pearl, this wish is now true. The switch new edition turns out for both newcomers and old serial fans as a colorful poet room, which can be used to resume the traditional formula. Much more than that should not expect.

Pokémon radiant diamond / luminous pearl — core info

Release: 19 . November 2021
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: 49.99 Euro
Time: Around 30-40h for the main story

Differences between Pokémon Bright diamond and luminous pearl

The new edition of the fourth Pokémon generation consists again of two playfully identical editions. There are only marginal content differences, because both in radiant diamond and in luminous pearl you will find a handful of Pokémon, which does not exist in the other version. All differences between diamond and Perl can be found in this separate Game pro article.

Start to the new (old) adventure — that awaits you in Diamante and Perl

You missed the Nintendo DS-originals published in 2007? Then we summarize the basic game principle for a short time for you, all others can jump directly to the point Innovations.

It starts as a coach or trainer, selects one of the three starter Pokémon (Linda, Che last or Pan Am) and starts in great adventure. No less than the famous Pokémon Professor Elbe has helped you to grab all 490 monsters in the Singh region and thus complete the Pokédex.

A first impression of Gameplay Trailer gives you:

And not only that: You should also collect eight arena gains and then compete against Sixth s Elite in the Pokémon League to enter history as a new champ. So far, so well known. So far, so classic. No nature zone, no island tests, no further major deviations from the well-known formula.

Also, the round-based struggles work on the good old stone scissors paper principle: fire beats plant, plant beats water, water beats fire, and so on. As in all other Pokémon games of Game Freak, however, the monster friction companies hardly demand us.

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Not even fighting against Sixth s Adrenalins and leaders bring us to sweating. But that is not mandatory. Diamond and Perl life from relaxed collecting, exercising and fighting, which today uses us as motivated by the many cool designed monsters of the fourth generation as at that time.

The innovations in bright diamond and luminous pearl

But what exactly is the new edition now new and different? The most striking is of course the graphic style. Bright diamond and glowing pearl replace the 2D pixel optics of the originals through a droll Chili look, which is strongly reminiscent of sweets and confetti during the first look. Buddy colors, huge heads and bright towels. Sure, the style is a matter of taste and is definitely not everyone.

After our 30 hours long journey through sugar mountains and lovingly designed cities full of cuddly dwellers, we are convinced. The Chili look fits not only wonderfully to the already sweet poke world, but in direct comparison to sword and shield much coherent. Just the environments of the eighth generation seemed to be tried, here is definitely the opposite of the case.

On every route and in every city Sixths, so much love and stylistic reliability are stuck that we can not see each other. Flores colorful flower fields, blizzards snowy meadows and the green thicket of eternal forest — all that looks really fantastic.

The only criticism: In return to sword and shield, radiant diamond and luminous pearl resets back to pure random fights. Pokémon does not run freely in the tall grass, so the areas despite the beautiful design in direct comparison in places work lifelessly.

Underground nature zone in small format

But not only above Sinners has done a lot, but also below. Because in radiant diamond and Perl, the substructures return to easily revised form and ensure a lot of variety in the coaching day. Who knows the original remembers: The substrate is a huge complex below Singh, in which we can go down from any point of the map by exploration set. Here we can:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - Official Trailer

In a snag mining mini-game fossils or rare items like thunder stones. As in the 2007 version, we just build this with a pickaxe stones and place the items gradually free. This works either via a button or touch screen controls the switch.
Secret bases build: As in ruby ​​and sapphire we decorate our own little shelter, such as Pokémon statues that we can dig underground. Our friends and girlfriends can visit our secret bases and even — depending on our capabilities Interior — admire or speak disparagingly of her.

In addition, Sinners surface is extended in the remakes a completely brand-new feature: Pokémon hiding places that remind a little of the natural zone of sword and shield. Just us that there is no large contiguous area with a freely rotatable camera to explore, but individual distributed in the underground areas consisting of different habitats.

Here dwell Pokémon, some of which we do not find in the tall grass of the surface. In the forest area to us, for example, runs a Licking across. In a desert area, we arrive at a Bronze and underground lake a suffixes Produce. A visit is definitely worthwhile. Just a shame that we have seen enough us quickly to hide because of their uniform structure. Here we would have liked a bit more variance and surprises.

Apart from that, expect some minor changes. Caution, small coach insiders, we pick out the feature Fury Attack:

Pokémon competitions: As in ruby ​​and sapphire but is not fought in competitions, rated the coolness, beauty, wisdom and strength of a jury. What is new is that we let our little beasts now dancing in a simple rhythm mini-game that playfully hardly overwhelmed.
Sketch with VM function: A smartwatch with a new app that lets us use VM attacks by pressing a button, so that we no attack slots have to waste our Pokémon for super-convenient!
Park of joy: A small area in which we can walk with our Pokémon and find items. Really motivating visits are not, however, as we just walk around here, but can not play with Pokémon as sword and shield.
Havanas Park: A rewarding Endgame area where we can catch Pokémon Legendary elderly, for example Lucia or Ho-Oh.

The Havanas Park can you here again in the video view:

Nostalgic return to Singh

Radiant Diamond and Pearl Bright deliver the pure Pokémon experience from 2007, packaged in a fresh look and expanded with a handful of smaller improvements and quality of life improvements. And modernize the 14-year-old Singh Adventure sense, but change is not great there.

worthwhile remakes are nonetheless, both old fans and newcomers. Because Radiant Diamond and Pearl Bright send us not only a wonderful nostalgic trip, but also a timeless distraction and motivating RPG adventure.