Mahmoud Aloud lacks football Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund since the end of September due to a knee injury. The hope of BVB coach Marco Rose, the midfielder could stand back in the squad in the squad against the VfB Stuttgart (Saturday, 15:30 clock), but could smash.

The country game phase should actually give Mahmoud Aloud the necessary time to go back to the team. Although the 25-year-old has meanwhile resumed the individual running training. According to Ruhr news, a big question mark is behind the Middle Fieldsman.

Already before the file break, the WAS reported that Aloud was repeatedly thrown back from a tendonitis in his rehab program. The problems in the left knee had occurred repeatedly, so that the burden had to be regulated again and again.

Meanwhile, it looks a bit better for left-back Raphael Guerrero. The Portuguese has been lacking since the beginning of October because of a muscle fiber ripped, but last week he could complete parts of BVB training. Thus, for the game against the VfB Stuttgart, it should be back in the squad in the squad.

BVB-Keeper Nobel uses home visit

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Started was last also the Gregory Nobel, who thus missed the international double pack with his Swiss national team. The free weekend used the summer newcomer but still for a home visit, so Ruhr news. There, Nobel has treated himself once again in a physiotherapist, after last he had succeeded about hip problems.

On Tuesday, the former Stuttgart-Keeper will be able to work again in BVB training. If there are no other problems, there is nothing in the way of use against his ex-club. To what extent left-back Nico Schulz and Wing Player Marius Wolf announces two more returnees in the course of the week will have to show up. Both laboratories last on thigh injuries.

In Marco Reus and Manuel Kanji, two national players have already returned prematurely from their country screens and are likely to take care of chief coach Marco Rose for some relaxation. Zeus has been spared by national coach Hans Flick for burdens for the game against Armenia (4: 1). Kanji had not been allowed to participate because of a barrier against Bulgaria (4: 0).