Data Miner inner World are particularly active. Can be found on the PTR server several innovations, including weapons, dungeons and areas. A new-found feature is the Dungeon Finder. They do not exist yet and many see this rather critical.

What was found in the Data Mining? On the side Sternum Adventures collected all current information of the Data Miner from the PTR server. There can be found as:

Information about the new area Brimstone Sands
New weapons
New Dungeons
A controversial change to the crafting system

In the latest discovery, however, is about a Group Finder, which is specifically intended for dungeons.

From the results shown text modules can already conclude that automatically logs in a dungeon and is admitted if enough players were found. So there are, among others, the following sentences:

— Estimated waiting time
— You ll be removed from the queue if you leave the group. Are you sure?
— your group is already in the queue for another Dungeon
— You are already in the queue for the outpost storm

LEG tool is seen controversial social interaction is said to have killed in WoW

As the Group depends on Finder? There is general Group Finder or LEG tools in MMO communities seen very controversial. There are many supporters of the old days, who claim that such tools would have killed the social interaction.

So one must no longer deal with other players and port only by dungeon to dungeon, rather than look for a guild and jointly cope with these challenges.

Also, Mango editor Benedict Grotius wrote in 2017 that LEG tools WoW but made comfortable while antisocial:

What is the New World Community? In a Reddit thread the new feature lively discussion, with many players here are open to the change. The user renihskcocffokcuf about is the current system, you re simply spamming in which the chat, also not socially (via Reddit):

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I do have so sick that people argue that the Group Finder destroys the social interaction in MMOs. The amount of interaction that I have in this game without Group Finder is the same as in other games with Group page.

But me rather than simply in the queue to ask questions and to do what I want, I have to spam LEG and constantly scan the chat.

The article was about 250 up votes and a lot of encouragement in the comments.

However, there are few negative comments. The user the shined writes that LEG tools have been ruined any MMORPG in which they were implemented.

New World is EVEN MORE Broken
How do you see it? Handed her a Group Finder good for New World, or will you continue to player chat, or your company find? Write it like in the comments and participate in this short survey:

We do not have to wait so long for the first innovations in the data mining. Because this week is to harm cuffs and new quests appear already the first major update with some new features such as the weapon. All this can be found here:

New World: the first major update coming this week — Bring new weapon quests and enemy types