The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships, often simply called Majors, are worldwide competitions of Esport on the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, straight sponsored by Shutoff, the designer of the game. They are taken into consideration one of the most events the most distinguished stage.

Counter Strike s games: Global Offensive always have that tension factor and strategy that we like so much. We have all tried rusher an area to try to bundle a round, but on more than one occasion we have torus with a flash bang in our entire face and die shortly after a shot in the head with an AK-47. Well, a player wanted to share a more realistic way of receiving these flash as a result of an instrument that increases enough the amount of light that propagates this weapon throws so annoying.

It has been the user morristhegod the one that has shared this trial video probably from one of the Chinese social networks if we look carefully at the computer. Well, this player placed a light source connected to the computer so that each time received a moderately strong light, said source will be activated for Propagate a flash that will leave us more than One totally blind for a few minutes. This is how the player wanted to go to a level more and play in the most realistic way possible A Counter Strike: Global Offensive, although realism is usually not the best to play this type of game so competitive.

s1mple and the Most Expensive Flashbang in the World

It is not the first time a user wants to take a step more in a game of this caliber. We will not take long to see a virtual reality version of the most famous Shooter tactical, with a competitive fully focused on this type of players and with a system of shooting and summary. At the moment, we will stay in the present, and we will enjoy the best CS: Go tournaments today as the best GPL of Stockholm achieved by the unsurpassed S1MPLE with NATU Sincere very recently.